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This page lists The Vault's featured articles for the main page.


Day Month Article Template link
1 January Timeline {{Featured article/Main/1 January}}
2 January Capital Wasteland {{Featured article/Main/2 January}}
3 January John Cassidy {{Featured article/Main/3 January}}
4 January John Maxson {{Featured article/Main/4 January}}
5 January Tenpenny Tower {{Featured article/Main/5 January}}
6 January Underworld {{Featured article/Main/6 January}}
7 January Hubologists {{Featured article/Main/7 January}}
8 January Brotherhood Outcasts {{Featured article/Main/8 January}}
9 January Chinese stealth armor {{Featured article/Main/9 January}}
10 January Obsidian Entertainment {{Featured article/Main/10 January}}
11 January Mini nuke {{Featured article/Main/11 January}}
12 January Brotherhood of Steel (Midwest) {{Featured article/Main/12 January}}
13 January Duchess Gambit {{Featured article/Main/13 January}}
14 January Latham {{Featured article/Main/14 January}}
15 January Laser rifle {{Featured article/Main/15 January}}
16 January Benny {{Featured article/Main/16 January}}
17 January Madison Li {{Featured article/Main/17 January}}
18 January Alien blaster {{Featured article/Main/18 January}}
19 January Mirelurk {{Featured article/Main/19 January}}
20 January Maybe {{Featured article/Main/20 January}}
21 January Daniel (Honest Hearts) {{Featured article/Main/21 January}}
22 January T-51 power armor {{Featured article/Main/22 January}}
23 January Abomination (Fallout 3) {{Featured article/Main/23 January}}
24 January Tesla armor (Fallout 3) {{Featured article/Main/24 January}}
25 January Reservation {{Featured article/Main/25 January}}
26 January Wasteland (game) {{Featured article/Main/26 January}}
27 January Operation: Anchorage {{Featured article/Main/27 January}}
28 January Decker {{Featured article/Main/28 January}}
29 January Alien atomizer {{Featured article/Main/29 January}}
30 January Vault 15 {{Featured article/Main/30 January}}
31 January Chimera {{Featured article/Main/31 January}}
1 February Fiends {{Featured article/Main/1 February}}
2 February List of companies {{Featured article/Main/2 February}}
3 February Haven {{Featured article/Main/3 February}}
4 February Vault 92 {{Featured article/Main/4 February}}
5 February Randall Clark {{Featured article/Main/5 February}}
6 February Liberty Prime {{Featured article/Main/6 February}}
7 February Frank Horrigan {{Featured article/Main/7 February}}
8 February Washington, D.C. Metro {{Featured article/Main/8 February}}
9 February Adam Adamowicz {{Featured article/Main/9 February}}
10 February Dekker {{Featured article/Main/10 February}}
11 February Oasis {{Featured article/Main/11 February}}
12 February Joanne Lynette {{Featured article/Main/12 February}}
13 February Andale {{Featured article/Main/13 February}}
14 February Pancor Jackhammer (Fallout Tactics) {{Featured article/Main/14 February}}
15 February Raiders {{Featured article/Main/15 February}}
16 February Steelyard {{Featured article/Main/16 February}}
17 February Lost Hills {{Featured article/Main/17 February}}
18 February Anti-materiel rifle {{Featured article/Main/18 February}}
19 February Little Yangtze {{Featured article/Main/19 February}}
20 February Calculator {{Featured article/Main/20 February}}
21 February Outcast outpost {{Featured article/Main/21 February}}
22 February Dead Money {{Featured article/Main/22 February}}
23 February New Plague {{Featured article/Main/23 February}}
24 February Black Mountain {{Featured article/Main/24 February}}
25 February Jingwei {{Featured article/Main/25 February}}
26 February Pitt raiders (faction) {{Featured article/Main/26 February}}
27 February Mojave Wasteland {{Featured article/Main/27 February}}
28 February Set {{Featured article/Main/28 February}}
29 February Skynet {{Featured article/Main/29 February}}
1 March Paradise Falls {{Featured article/Main/1 March}}
2 March The Initiate {{Featured article/Main/2 March}}
3 March Sierra Army Depot {{Featured article/Main/3 March}}
4 March John Henry Eden {{Featured article/Main/4 March}}
5 March Bishops {{Featured article/Main/5 March}}
6 March Environmental armor {{Featured article/Main/6 March}}
7 March Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel {{Featured article/Main/7 March}}
8 March Three Dog {{Featured article/Main/8 March}}
9 March Tibbets Prison {{Featured article/Main/9 March}}
10 March Jackals {{Featured article/Main/10 March}}
11 March Boomers {{Featured article/Main/11 March}}
12 March Olney Powerworks {{Featured article/Main/12 March}}
13 March Roshambo {{Featured article/Main/13 March}}
14 March Lieutenant {{Featured article/Main/14 March}}
15 March The Den {{Featured article/Main/15 March}}
16 March Desmond Lockheart {{Featured article/Main/16 March}}
17 March Electromagnetic pulse {{Featured article/Main/17 March}}
18 March Crimson Caravan {{Featured article/Main/18 March}}
19 March Control station Enclave {{Featured article/Main/19 March}}
20 March Gun Runners {{Featured article/Main/20 March}}
21 March Benjamin Montgomery {{Featured article/Main/21 March}}
22 March Turtledove Detention Camp {{Featured article/Main/22 March}}
23 March Chosen One {{Featured article/Main/23 March}}
24 March The Pitt {{Featured article/Main/24 March}}
25 March Hidden Valley {{Featured article/Main/25 March}}
26 March Fat Man {{Featured article/Main/26 March}}
27 March Fallout {{Featured article/Main/27 March}}
28 March Auto axe {{Featured article/Main/28 March}}
29 March Gauss rifle {{Featured article/Main/29 March}}
30 March Rivet City {{Featured article/Main/30 March}}
31 March Nadia {{Featured article/Main/31 March}}
1 April Fallout (film) {{Featured article/Main/1 April}}
2 April Ishmael Ashur {{Featured article/Main/2 April}}
3 April K-9 {{Featured article/Main/3 April}}
4 April Vault Dweller's memoirs {{Featured article/Main/4 April}}
5 April Steel ingot {{Featured article/Main/5 April}}
6 April Radio New Vegas {{Featured article/Main/6 April}}
7 April RadAway {{Featured article/Main/7 April}}
8 April Jason Bright {{Featured article/Main/8 April}}
9 April West Tek Research Facility {{Featured article/Main/9 April}}
10 April Shi {{Featured article/Main/10 April}}
11 April Vault 87 super mutant {{Featured article/Main/11 April}}
12 April Abraham Lincoln {{Featured article/Main/12 April}}
13 April Ron Perlman {{Featured article/Main/13 April}}
14 April M.A.R.Go.T. {{Featured article/Main/14 April}}
15 April Children of the Cathedral {{Featured article/Main/15 April}}
16 April Slavery {{Featured article/Main/16 April}}
17 April Trog {{Featured article/Main/17 April}}
18 April Big Town {{Featured article/Main/18 April}}
19 April Feargus Urquhart {{Featured article/Main/19 April}}
20 April Vault Boy {{Featured article/Main/20 April}}
21 April Enclave Radio {{Featured article/Main/21 April}}
22 April Pip-Boy 3000 {{Featured article/Main/22 April}}
23 April Cain (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel) {{Featured article/Main/23 April}}
24 April Think Tank (faction) {{Featured article/Main/24 April}}
25 April Robot {{Featured article/Main/25 April}}
26 April Midwest {{Featured article/Main/26 April}}
27 April Big Mountain Transportalponder! {{Featured article/Main/27 April}}
28 April United States annexation of Canada {{Featured article/Main/28 April}}
29 April New Reno {{Featured article/Main/29 April}}
30 April Pip-Boy 2000 {{Featured article/Main/30 April}}
1 May Carbon {{Featured article/Main/1 May}}
2 May Hub {{Featured article/Main/2 May}}
3 May Psyker {{Featured article/Main/3 May}}
4 May Water chip {{Featured article/Main/4 May}}
5 May Broken Steel {{Featured article/Main/5 May}}
6 May Secret Vault {{Featured article/Main/6 May}}
7 May Followers of the Apocalypse {{Featured article/Main/7 May}}
8 May Divergence {{Featured article/Main/8 May}}
9 May Enclave Hellfire armor {{Featured article/Main/9 May}}
10 May Robobrain {{Featured article/Main/10 May}}
11 May Reaver Movement {{Featured article/Main/11 May}}
12 May Marked men {{Featured article/Main/12 May}}
13 May Tesla cannon {{Featured article/Main/13 May}}
14 May Second Battle of Hoover Dam {{Featured article/Main/14 May}}
15 May Ghost people {{Featured article/Main/15 May}}
16 May Chance {{Featured article/Main/16 May}}
17 May Lake Mead {{Featured article/Main/17 May}}
18 May Honest Hearts {{Featured article/Main/18 May}}
19 May Wild Wasteland {{Featured article/Main/19 May}}
20 May Bitter Springs Massacre {{Featured article/Main/20 May}}
21 May New California Rangers {{Featured article/Main/21 May}}
22 May Warrior {{Featured article/Main/22 May}}
23 May Miles Reese {{Featured article/Main/23 May}}
24 May Mariposa Military Base {{Featured article/Main/24 May}}
25 May Vault {{Featured article/Main/25 May}}
26 May Mutations and their causes {{Featured article/Main/26 May}}
27 May Junktown {{Featured article/Main/27 May}}
28 May Myron {{Featured article/Main/28 May}}
29 May Core Region {{Featured article/Main/29 May}}
30 May Fallout 2 {{Featured article/Main/30 May}}
31 May Brotherhood of Steel {{Featured article/Main/31 May}}
1 June Enclave {{Featured article/Main/1 June}}
2 June Vault 13 {{Featured article/Main/2 June}}
3 June Boneyard {{Featured article/Main/3 June}}
4 June SPECIAL {{Featured article/Main/4 June}}
5 June Caesar's Legion {{Featured article/Main/5 June}}
6 June Caesar {{Featured article/Main/6 June}}
7 June Poseidon Energy {{Featured article/Main/7 June}}
8 June Raven Rock {{Featured article/Main/8 June}}
9 June Scott Everts {{Featured article/Main/9 June}}
10 June Aradesh {{Featured article/Main/10 June}}
11 June Tandi {{Featured article/Main/11 June}}
12 June Intelligent deathclaw {{Featured article/Main/12 June}}
13 June Dave (Fallout 2) {{Featured article/Main/13 June}}
14 June Simon Barnaky {{Featured article/Main/14 June}}
15 June .223 pistol (Fallout) {{Featured article/Main/15 June}}
16 June Marcus {{Featured article/Main/16 June}}
17 June Helios One {{Featured article/Main/17 June}}
18 June Operation Sunburst {{Featured article/Main/18 June}}
19 June Shady Sands {{Featured article/Main/19 June}}
20 June Gammorin's Army {{Featured article/Main/20 June}}
21 June Nuka-Cola {{Featured article/Main/21 June}}
22 June Highwayman {{Featured article/Main/22 June}}
23 June Point Lookout {{Featured article/Main/23 June}}
24 June Elijah {{Featured article/Main/24 June}}
25 June Robert House {{Featured article/Main/25 June}}
26 June Battle of Project Purity {{Featured article/Main/26 June}}
27 June Punga fruit {{Featured article/Main/27 June}}
28 June Grand Canyon {{Featured article/Main/28 June}}
29 June NCR Correctional Facility {{Featured article/Main/29 June}}
30 June Bethesda Softworks {{Featured article/Main/30 June}}
1 July NCR Ranger combat armor {{Featured article/Main/1 July}}
2 July Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel {{Featured article/Main/2 July}}
3 July Vault 22 {{Featured article/Main/3 July}}
4 July United States of America {{Featured article/Main/4 July}}
5 July Vault 101 {{Featured article/Main/5 July}}
6 July Necropolis {{Featured article/Main/6 July}}
7 July Powder Gangers {{Featured article/Main/7 July}}
8 July Vault City {{Featured article/Main/8 July}}
9 July Washington, D.C. {{Featured article/Main/9 July}}
10 July Freeside {{Featured article/Main/10 July}}
11 July Craig Boone {{Featured article/Main/11 July}}
12 July Radiation {{Featured article/Main/12 July}}
13 July Lone Wanderer {{Featured article/Main/13 July}}
14 July Leonard Boyarsky {{Featured article/Main/14 July}}
15 July Snow globe {{Featured article/Main/15 July}}
16 July Toccamatta {{Featured article/Main/16 July}}
17 July Fallout world {{Featured article/Main/17 July}}
18 July Adams Air Force Base {{Featured article/Main/18 July}}
19 July Old World Blues {{Featured article/Main/19 July}}
20 July Jesse Heinig {{Featured article/Main/20 July}}
21 July Anchorage Reclamation simulation {{Featured article/Main/21 July}}
22 July Cheyenne Mountain {{Featured article/Main/22 July}}
23 July Master {{Featured article/Main/23 July}}
24 July Zion Canyon {{Featured article/Main/24 July}}
25 July 10mm pistol {{Featured article/Main/25 July}}
26 July Junction City {{Featured article/Main/26 July}}
27 July Fallout: New Vegas {{Featured article/Main/27 July}}
28 July Mordinos {{Featured article/Main/28 July}}
29 July New Vegas {{Featured article/Main/29 July}}
30 July Mariposa super mutant {{Featured article/Main/30 July}}
31 July Swampfolk {{Featured article/Main/31 July}}
1 August .45 Auto pistol {{Featured article/Main/1 August}}
2 August Megaton {{Featured article/Main/2 August}}
3 August Mothership Zeta {{Featured article/Main/3 August}}
4 August Emil Pagliarulo {{Featured article/Main/4 August}}
5 August Raul Tejada {{Featured article/Main/5 August}}
6 August People's Republic of China {{Featured article/Main/6 August}}
7 August Nursery {{Featured article/Main/7 August}}
8 August Ulysses {{Featured article/Main/8 August}}
9 August Khans {{Featured article/Main/9 August}}
10 August Sierra Madre vending machine {{Featured article/Main/10 August}}
11 August Point Lookout (location) {{Featured article/Main/11 August}}
12 August Christine Royce {{Featured article/Main/12 August}}
13 August Pariah {{Featured article/Main/13 August}}
14 August Twisted Hairs {{Featured article/Main/14 August}}
15 August Bozar {{Featured article/Main/15 August}}
16 August Glowing one {{Featured article/Main/16 August}}
17 August Mobius {{Featured article/Main/17 August}}
18 August James (Fallout 3) {{Featured article/Main/18 August}}
19 August Van Graffs {{Featured article/Main/19 August}}
20 August Tranquility Lane {{Featured article/Main/20 August}}
21 August Lever-action rifle {{Featured article/Main/21 August}}
22 August Kansas City {{Featured article/Main/22 August}}
23 August Victor Presper {{Featured article/Main/23 August}}
24 August Harold {{Featured article/Main/24 August}}
25 August Timothy Cain {{Featured article/Main/25 August}}
26 August Church of the Lost {{Featured article/Main/26 August}}
27 August Hoover Dam {{Featured article/Main/27 August}}
28 August Courier's Mile {{Featured article/Main/28 August}}
29 August Gecko (town) {{Featured article/Main/29 August}}
30 August Ark & Dove Cathedral {{Featured article/Main/30 August}}
31 August Camp McCarran {{Featured article/Main/31 August}}
1 September Wernher {{Featured article/Main/1 September}}
2 September Beastlords {{Featured article/Main/2 September}}
3 September Gary (clone) {{Featured article/Main/3 September}}
4 September NCR-Legion War {{Featured article/Main/4 September}}
5 September Deathclaw {{Featured article/Main/5 September}}
6 September San Francisco {{Featured article/Main/6 September}}
7 September Combat armor {{Featured article/Main/7 September}}
8 September Vertibird {{Featured article/Main/8 September}}
9 September Cyberdog {{Featured article/Main/9 September}}
10 September Cargo hold {{Featured article/Main/10 September}}
11 September Owyn Lyons {{Featured article/Main/11 September}}
12 September Assault rifle {{Featured article/Main/12 September}}
13 September Los {{Featured article/Main/13 September}}
14 September Yao guai (Honest Hearts) {{Featured article/Main/14 September}}
15 September Vault Dweller {{Featured article/Main/15 September}}
16 September Big MT {{Featured article/Main/16 September}}
17 September Chems {{Featured article/Main/17 September}}
18 September Holorifle {{Featured article/Main/18 September}}
19 September Alien captive recorded log {{Featured article/Main/19 September}}
20 September Lonesome Road {{Featured article/Main/20 September}}
21 September Interplay Entertainment {{Featured article/Main/21 September}}
22 September Cazador {{Featured article/Main/22 September}}
23 September Prisoner {{Featured article/Main/23 September}}
24 September Dead Horses {{Featured article/Main/24 September}}
25 September The Kings {{Featured article/Main/25 September}}
26 September New Canaan {{Featured article/Main/26 September}}
27 September Chris Avellone {{Featured article/Main/27 September}}
28 September Calvert Mansion {{Featured article/Main/28 September}}
29 September Broken Hills {{Featured article/Main/29 September}}
30 September Veronica Santangelo {{Featured article/Main/30 September}}
1 October Chris Taylor {{Featured article/Main/1 October}}
2 October Talius {{Featured article/Main/2 October}}
3 October Gecko (Fallout: New Vegas) {{Featured article/Main/3 October}}
4 October Sacred Bog {{Featured article/Main/4 October}}
5 October No Mutants Allowed {{Featured article/Main/5 October}}
6 October Sulik {{Featured article/Main/6 October}}
7 October Paulson {{Featured article/Main/7 October}}
8 October Red Glare {{Featured article/Main/8 October}}
9 October Brahmin {{Featured article/Main/9 October}}
10 October Fallout Tactics {{Featured article/Main/10 October}}
11 October Courier {{Featured article/Main/11 October}}
12 October Zeta {{Featured article/Main/12 October}}
13 October Boulder Dome {{Featured article/Main/13 October}}
14 October Calvert (brain) {{Featured article/Main/14 October}}
15 October Ranger Sequoia {{Featured article/Main/15 October}}
16 October Resource Wars {{Featured article/Main/16 October}}
17 October Dunwich Building {{Featured article/Main/17 October}}
18 October Joshua Sawyer {{Featured article/Main/18 October}}
19 October Krivbeknih {{Featured article/Main/19 October}}
20 October Galaxy News Radio (radio) {{Featured article/Main/20 October}}
21 October Mitchell (Goodsprings) {{Featured article/Main/21 October}}
22 October Tribals {{Featured article/Main/22 October}}
23 October Great War {{Featured article/Main/23 October}}
24 October Stimpak {{Featured article/Main/24 October}}
25 October Todd Howard {{Featured article/Main/25 October}}
26 October Fallout Bible {{Featured article/Main/26 October}}
27 October Van Buren {{Featured article/Main/27 October}}
28 October Fallout 3 {{Featured article/Main/28 October}}
29 October Henry {{Featured article/Main/29 October}}
30 October Sierra Madre {{Featured article/Main/30 October}}
31 October Pint-Sized Slasher {{Featured article/Main/31 October}}
1 November The Pitt {{Featured article/Main/1 November}}
2 November Arroyo {{Featured article/Main/2 November}}
3 November Talon Company {{Featured article/Main/3 November}}
4 November Caravan (game) {{Featured article/Main/4 November}}
5 November The Cloud {{Featured article/Main/5 November}}
6 November Point Lookout tribals {{Featured article/Main/6 November}}
7 November Bighorner {{Featured article/Main/7 November}}
8 November Nightstalker {{Featured article/Main/8 November}}
9 November Klein {{Featured article/Main/9 November}}
10 November Cyrus {{Featured article/Main/10 November}}
11 November Divide {{Featured article/Main/11 November}}
12 November Vault 0 {{Featured article/Main/12 November}}
13 November Four States Commonwealth {{Featured article/Main/13 November}}
14 November Dean Domino {{Featured article/Main/14 November}}
15 November The Fort {{Featured article/Main/15 November}}
16 November Constantine Chase {{Featured article/Main/16 November}}
17 November Fire ant (Fallout 3) {{Featured article/Main/17 November}}
18 November Little Lamplight {{Featured article/Main/18 November}}
19 November Arcade Gannon {{Featured article/Main/19 November}}
20 November ED-E (Lonesome Road) {{Featured article/Main/20 November}}
21 November New California Republic {{Featured article/Main/21 November}}
22 November Mark O'Green {{Featured article/Main/22 November}}
23 November Ghoul {{Featured article/Main/23 November}}
24 November Citadel {{Featured article/Main/24 November}}
25 November Currency {{Featured article/Main/25 November}}
26 November Augustus Autumn {{Featured article/Main/26 November}}
27 November Goodsprings {{Featured article/Main/27 November}}
28 November Joshua Graham {{Featured article/Main/28 November}}
29 November ZAX {{Featured article/Main/29 November}}
30 November Cryo lab {{Featured article/Main/30 November}}
1 December Jacobstown {{Featured article/Main/1 December}}
2 December Nuka-grenade (Fallout 3) {{Featured article/Main/2 December}}
3 December Vault-Tec bobblehead {{Featured article/Main/3 December}}
4 December Garden of Eden Creation Kit {{Featured article/Main/4 December}}
5 December Dog and God {{Featured article/Main/5 December}}
6 December Tristan {{Featured article/Main/6 December}}
7 December Nuka-Cola Quantum (Fallout 3) {{Featured article/Main/7 December}}
8 December Navarro {{Featured article/Main/8 December}}
9 December Novac {{Featured article/Main/9 December}}
10 December Sonic emitter (weapon) {{Featured article/Main/10 December}}
11 December Salient green {{Featured article/Main/11 December}}
12 December Forced Evolutionary Virus {{Featured article/Main/12 December}}
13 December Spore carrier {{Featured article/Main/13 December}}
14 December Iguana Bob Frazier {{Featured article/Main/14 December}}
15 December Brian Fargo {{Featured article/Main/15 December}}
16 December Hopeville {{Featured article/Main/16 December}}
17 December Griffon {{Featured article/Main/17 December}}
18 December The Sink {{Featured article/Main/18 December}}
19 December Roger Maxson {{Featured article/Main/19 December}}
20 December Primm {{Featured article/Main/20 December}}
21 December Dogmeat (Fallout) {{Featured article/Main/21 December}}
22 December Sally (Mothership Zeta) {{Featured article/Main/22 December}}
23 December The Hole (The Pitt) {{Featured article/Main/23 December}}
24 December Alien {{Featured article/Main/24 December}}
25 December T-45 power armor {{Featured article/Main/25 December}}
26 December Nipton {{Featured article/Main/26 December}}
27 December White Legs {{Featured article/Main/27 December}}
28 December Plasma rifle {{Featured article/Main/28 December}}
29 December Alien crash site {{Featured article/Main/29 December}}
30 December Mobile base crawler {{Featured article/Main/30 December}}
31 December Vera Keyes {{Featured article/Main/31 December}}