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For the rules which govern administrative actions on The Vault, see The Vault:Administration policy.

There are two kinds of users with additional privileges in The Vault - admins (also called sysops) and bureaucrats.

  • Admin privileges additionally include deleting pages, protecting pages and banning users from the wiki.
  • The only difference between administrators and bureaucrats is that bureaucrats can give and revoke other people's administrative powers.

For details, please see Help:User access levels.


Active bureaucrats

Inactive bureaucrats


Active administrators

Inactive administrators

These people haven't edited the wiki in quite a while:

User rights requests

Administrators are promoted by bureaucrats. Requests for adminship can be directed directly to the bureaucrat, who will accept them at their discretion. In general, good faith and demonstrated competence with wiki software are the only firm requirements. Any users wishing to join the Vault from other wikis where they have administrator privileges will be granted them on a 1-to-1 basis.

Administrators are not senior users or possess authority over other editors. They are editors whose good judgement ensures they can be trusted with technical features such as deleting pages, viewing analytics, and so on and so forth.