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For the robots that appears in Old World Blues, see Think tank. For the faction that appears in Old World Blues, see Think Tank (faction).
The Think Tank
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Map MarkerThe Think Tank
FactionsThink Tank
Cell NameNVDLC03DomeThinkTank (dome)
NVDLC03TheSink (The Sink)
NVDLC03ThinkTank (Think Tank)
NVDLC03TheSinkBalcony (balcony)
ref idxx00169d (dome)
xx0030af (The Sink)
xx0030b5 (Think Tank)
xx00169c (Sink balcony)
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The Think Tank is a location in Big MT in 2281. The building itself is in a shape of a geodesic dome, surrounded with blue lights and blue-green astroturf. It contains the residence of the five Big MT scientists, as well as former apartments of Dr. Mobius, known as The Sink.


The door opens to a small space with an entrance to The Sink and a corridor that leads to the main part of The Think Tank. The Think Tank is a very large and expansive room with lots of circuit boards, monitors, chemistry sets and generators. There is a central staircase as well as two more on the right and left, respectively. Dr. Borous can be found on the far right to The Think Tank, followed by Dr. 8, then Dr. Klein usually on the second floor up the stairs, Dr. Dala after him and Dr. 0 on the far left.

There are several footlockers and boxes around the facility as well as some deluxe chemistry sets that can be used to create chems or stimpaks. The stairs lead to a second floor that contains the Think Tanks residences.

Notable loot

  • Dr. Klein's glasses - After entering The Think Tank, go all the way to the left to a deluxe chemistry set, they will be next to it on the table.
  • Dr. Mobius' glasses - Located on the second floor of The Think Tank, in the easternmost room, just past the Average locked door, laying on some papers in front of the file cabinet.


  • There is a dead Follower of Apocalypse on the ledge surrounding The Think Tank's dome on the opposite side of the dome is a Followers doctor coat and a few stimpaks. You need to go to the entrance and run up the ramp and jump for awhile to get up there then head to the back. It might take a while to get up there but you can on every console. Using Marked cards will help.
  • To pass all quest related checks in The Think Tank, you will need: Perception 8, Intelligence 9, Medicine 75, Science 100, and Speech 75.

Behind the scenes

  • David Lieu created the tileset and handled the propping and lighting in the location.[1]


The Think Tank appears only in Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.