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The Tampico
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Part ofSierra Madre Resort & Casino
Connects toSierra Madre lobby
QuestsCurtain Call at the Tampico
Cell NameNVDLC01Theater
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TerminalsTampico's Front Desk Terminal
Ambient Audio Control
The Tampico's Stage Terminal
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The Tampico is a location within the Sierra Madre Resort & Casino in 2281.


The Tampico was a ritzy theater that served the guests of the Sierra Madre with a prime selection of top-billed performances. These pre-War stars included Vera Keyes, Dean Domino and many other performers.



The theater has a front lobby with neon lights buzzing above entrance ways. There are a couple couches and a receptionist desk with a cash register and a terminal that displays the performer line-up and performance protocols. Through the doorway is a transitional room into the theater. The room is "guarded" by several speakers no matter which way you go. The door on the right is locked with an Average lock; the door on the left is unlocked. Going through here, there is a speaker in the wall above the door.

As you enter the theater you will see that its layout is similar to an "Old World" dinner theater with several tables, chairs, and a large stage with a mic in the center. Located in front of the stage there is a music stand with Vera's music on it, which contains a hidden key to the backstage. Ducking behind the bar in the back center of the room will keep the speakers from interfering with your collar. In the northernmost wall is a stairway leading up to the projection room.


On the stage's right is a locked door that requires a key. On it's left is the door for backstage access. Through this door is a hallway. On the immediate left is a door with the Cloud seeping in; to the right is a hologram emitter mounted on the wall. Further in, there is speaker interference. There is a speaker in the other side of the wall after the door into Dean's dressing room. Inside Dean's room is a active radio sitting on the table next to the wall safe; the safe contains blackmail evidence on Vera Keyes's medical condition. A key to Vera's dressing room is also on the table. Tucked underneath the table is a gun locker and ammunition box.

Continuing down the backstage hallway, there is a prop room on the right. A speaker is mounted in the center of the east wall between the two doorways. The prop room is filled with numerous shelves, large crates and mannequins. The Cloud is seeping into the room from a doorway in the back. There is also a Sierra Madre vending machine against the north wall.

Through the hallway is Vera's dressing room. Inside, there is an active radio on the table near the dressing section of the room. A couch sits in the corner and a make-up desk and chair sit in front of an array of mirrors. Across the hall from Vera's room is a terminal that turns off all ambient audio speakers, among other things. Next to it is a door to the stage where Dean is waiting for the player.

Notable loot

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The Tampico appears in Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

Behind the scenes

  • The name is drawn from the fact that, in the 1948 film, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, a lot of the location filming was in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
  • The Tampico is a reference to the real world equivalent to The Tropicana Resort, which resides on the Las Vegas Strip. Dean Martin and The Rat Pack frequented this casino often.


  • The stretched out chip

    PCIcon pc.png Some of the walls in the Tampico lobby's corridors will display borders, frames and object textures when viewed from different angles, leading to some interesting wallpapers. It is even possible to see through the world to distant objects, and display them on the walls, such as the Sierra Madre chip.