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The Silver Shroud
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Quest data
Given BySilver Shroud Radio
Kent Connolly
RewardKent Connolly armor upgrades
750x Bottle caps
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Base ID00027556

The Silver Shroud is a quest in Fallout 4.


Kent Connolly wants to bring The Silver Shroud to life, in order to help finally bring justice to the town of Goodneighbor, and fight to make the world a better place. As the new Silver Shroud, the Sole Survivor kills a low-life murder, a chem dealer to kids, and even an assassin, eventually culminating in confronting the mastermind behind it all - Sinjin.


  1. Upon visiting Memory Den, the player needs to speak with Kent Connolly, who is revealed to be a ghoul that regularly visits the den in order to live out his pre-War memories. Continue speaking with Connolly, and he will eventually reveal that he once loved a show character called The Silver Shroud, and how he would love to see such a super hero return and clean up the streets of Goodneighbor. At this point, Connolly will go so far as to recruit the Sole Survivor to travel to Hubris Comics, and search out for any Silver Shroud relics.
  2. The player will need to clear out Hubris Comics, which is infested by feral ghouls. On the top floor is the Silver Shroud hat, and the Silver Shroud costume, both needed for the quest.
    1. Optionally, the player can also obtain the Silver Shroud photo, silver submachine gun prop, and the Silver Shroud script. All of these are quest items and have sub-par stats not suitable for combat purposes.
  3. Returning to Connolly, he will be elated. However, he will ask for the Sole Survivor to don the costume and persona. He will upgrade the costume, hat, and gun. The costume becomes a usable armor, and its paired hat upgraded with unusually high stats. Connolly will also turn a submachine gun into the Silver submachine gun using the prop.
  4. Connolly will also give the Sole Survivor a number of Silver Shroud calling cards, to drop on the corpses of villains that the Silver Shroud vanquishes.

Vigilante justice

  1. As the Silver Shroud, the player should listen to Connolly's personal radio station, Silver Shroud Radio, and receive bounties to clear as the Silver Shroud. To complete them, the player needs to place a calling card on their corpse (simply hitting the right key when the prompt comes up ver the corpse).
  2. The first villain that the Silver Shroud must face is Wayne Delancy, who previously had murdered a mother and her child, and got away with it. Delancy can be found in the alley next to the Hotel Rexford,.
  3. The next villain that is revealed to our sterling super hero is the notorious chem dealer, AJ, who satisfies himself with selling his poison to the children of Goodneighbor and Diamond City. Find this villainous snake and his bodyguards in front of Bobbi's place, and leave a calling card on his still warm corpse.
  4. The next villain is a rather notorious assassin by the name of Kendra, in which her current location must be coerced out of Whitechapel Charlie, a Mr. Handy unit that runs the local bar and nightclub, the Third Rail. Her location is revealed to be the Water Street Apartments, within the financial district, where her raider friends must be dealt with first before leaving a calling card on her once-notorious body.
    1. At this point, Kendra's intended victim, Shelly Tiller, can be tracked down to the National Guard training yard. Killing her will spawn a cache of 500 caps was stashed away in the Old Granary Burying Ground. Completing this task will not make Connolly happy, but there are no real repercussions for taking on this contract.
  5. After dealing with Kendra, the player will need to meet up with Goodneighbor's mayor, Hancock. He will reveal that all of the villains that the Silver Shroud has been dealing with worked for a mob boss by the name of Sinjin, who is far deadlier then the scum that have been dealt with so far.
  6. The next target for the Silver Shroud, will be the villain Smiling Kate, who can be found roaming the streets near Bunker Hill, where she and her friends must be taken down.
  7. Up next is Northy, who can be found with his friends just south of Wattz Consumer Electronics. Northy will attempt to run.
  8. Whichever is killed last drop a note, which will need to be taken off of their corpse and read.

Kent Connolly

  1. Reading Northy's note, it is revealed that Sinjin himself is heading towards Goodneighbor, and plans on confronting the dynamic duo within their own lair. The player will need to travel back into town, only to realize once reaching Memory Den, that Connolly is missing. Irma will tell the Sole Survivor to listen in on their radio station, where Sinjin and his goons document their kidnapping of Connolly, putting up a challenge for the Silver Shroud to meet him and his gang at the Milton General Hospital.
    1. Should the Sole Survivor not wear their Silver Shroud getup before entering the hospital, Connolly cannot be legitimately saved, as Sinjin will execute the stalwart companion before the elevator doors even open.
  2. After dealing with Sinjin's gang, the Sole Survivor will finally confront the survivors, along with Sinjin himself and his personal bodyguard Avery, in which the Sole Survivor can then take down the entire group after a short negotiation, or scare away Avery and the other raiders, leaving Sinjin alone. It's also possible to bait Sinjin into attacking the Survivor first, increasing Kent's chances of survival.
  3. Should Kent survive the exchange, which requires quick reflexes in taking Sinjin down, he will retire from the vigilante business, and will further upgrade the Sole Survivor's Silver Shroud gear as they level up.
  4. The Sole Survivor can then return to Hancock, who will reward them with caps for dealing with Sinjin and his henchmen.

Quest stages

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  • Silver Shroud Radio ceases to operate after killing Sinjin, as Kent will retire from the vigilante business.
  • There is a bug on Xbox where the player will be unable to leave a calling card, despite the option displaying on screen as the "A" button.
  • The Automatron DLC breaks the Silver Shroud radio by permanently looping episodes from the Atomatron story arc. confirmed on Xbox.
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