The Silver Lining Drive-In

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The Silver Lining Drive-In
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The Silver Lining Drive-In movie theatre with WKML Broadcast Station in the background.
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Map MarkerThe Silver Lining Drive-In
Cell NameDriveInTheater01
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The Silver Lining Drive-In is a pre-War drive-in movie theater located in the Capital Wasteland.


A simple old pre-War drive-in movie theatre. There are a few burnt out cars here, and a shack. It's southeast of WKML Broadcast Station, between Faded Pomp Estates and Drowned Devil's Crossing.

Notable loot

  • Grognak the Barbarian is located on top of books on a table, in the small shack structure to the north of the screen.




The Silver Lining Drive-In only appears in Fallout 3.