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The Shamrock Taphouse
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Map MarkerThe Shamrock Taphouse
FactionsGaff's raiders
QuestsTrouble Brewin'
Cell NameShamrockTaphouseExt
ShamrockTaphouse01 (interior)
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TerminalsPatrick's Terminal

The Shamrock Taphouse is a landmark of the Boston waterfront.


This historic public house and pool hall was built 500 years ago, in 1787; it is said that Paul Revere used to drink here. Now, this historic bar and pool club on the edge of the Theater District is run by one of the smaller raider gangs active in this area.[1]

Before the War, a taphouse employee named Patrick Merryweather also develop a robot in the basement, capable of producing any beer if it was provided with the recipe, as well as bottling an dispensing the beer. Drinkin' Buddy is still in the basement, awaiting to be delivered to the Hotel Rexford. Currently this fortified raider camp is run by Gaff, he and a few of his cohorts are scattered throughout the premises.[1]


Enclosed by some scrap metal fortifications, this location is a hot spot for raiders. The tap house opens to the main bar, which contains a cooking station in the corner. In the back of the bar is a hallway and staircase. This hallway has an Advanced locked door that is also trapped with a makeshift bomb. The door conceals a bathroom containing a chemistry station and a stash of chems and alcohol. Another bathroom has a busted wall, leading to the kitchen. A Novice locked door at the end of the hallway also leads to the kitchen by going through a private room first. The stairs lead up to the pool hall and small office.

The private room in the back leads down into the basement area which contains a few mole rats, an armor workbench, and the pod for Buddy, a specialized brewing Protectron. A stairwell leads up from the cellar back to the streets of Boston.


Notable loot

  • An issue of Total Hack: Control Spotlights: Held by the female mannequin in the break room, standing on the coffee table.
  • Two Nuka-Cola Quantums and a Nuka Cherry in the store room in the kitchen (behind two large double doors).
  • A mini nuke is in the pocket of a pool table on the second floor.
  • Shamrock Taphouse keys are beside a terminal on the desk in the basement, and on the desk in the office on the second floor.
  • Drinkin' Buddy's password is found just to the left of the Buddy's pod, up on the shelves, beneath the flashing light.
  • Gwinnett Lager Recipe: In the bar area, behind the fallen wood of the second floor.


  • There are teddy bear drinking smoking and playing checkers in the bar counter.
  • There is a mannequin in the locked-trapped bathroom holding a flamingo statue standing on a toilet. Also a flamingo statue is drinking from the urinal.


The Shamrock Taphouse appears only in Fallout 4.


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    On the sliver of land between the Waterfront and Financial District neighborhoods, this fortified Raider camp has a single entrance (the hatch from the cellar is cordoned off behind wire fencing). Expect turrets and harsh language. Mop up the Raider scum and loot their ammo. Then enter the establishment.
    The place is run by Gaff, a Raider with a few cohorts scattered throughout the premises. The key to open the problematic doors of this establishment is in the cellar."
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