The Shadow Wolf

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The Shadow Wolf
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The Shadow Wolf is a repeatable quest in Fallout Shelter.


Some nefarious person has been training Mole rats to steal Tatos from under people's noses. We need to meet with a tracker who might have found the source.


Meet the tracker who may have found the source of the Mole rat infestation that's targeting Tatos.


  • Fnord. (_RaiderLine_1);
  • It's not paranoia if they're *really* out to get you. (_RaiderLine_2);
  • I wouldn't mind some Vril right now. I mean... Cram. Yeah, that's it. (_RaiderLine_3);
  • Warrior botanists. You saved me from the Raiders that followed me here. I will be forever in your debt. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_1);
  • My people call me the Shadow Wolf, but you can call me Steve. I assume you know about Mole Rat Man? (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_2);
  • He lives in that factory, training his “pretties.” Crazy man treats them like his children. Don't think he's right in the head. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_3);

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