The Prospector's Den

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For an overview of prospector uses throughout the Fallout series of games, see prospector.
The Prospector's Den
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The Prospector's Den, initially
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Map MarkerThe Prospector's Den
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SLprospectorsDenINT (cave)
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The Prospector's Den is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, directly south-east of Primm and south-west of the Emergency Service Railyard.


Located in a cave in Lucy Gray Mountains, the Den was a safehouse for prospectors. A recent raid by Jackals left all the inhabitants dead and the site overrun with gangers.


The Den is built inside a large cavern and represents some quite sophisticated accommodations. The largest of these is a large shack, which contains three rooms:

  • The main bedroom with a counter, containing a pair of beds, some cabinets, a jukebox and radio, plus a refrigerator.
  • Living quarters, with eight mattresses, each with a footlocker.
  • The last room is for maintenance and storage, boasting a first aid box, a reloading bench, and a generator.

Clearing the Jackals out will result in prospectors reclaiming the Den after a few days, inhabiting it for the rest of the game. A merchant will move in as well, making it a good stop-over point.

Notable loot


  • PCIcon pc.png The merchant's stock is not set to respawn.



The Prospector's Den appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.