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The Pitt underground
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World map: The Pitt
Map MarkerNone
Part ofThe Pitt
Other ExitsSteelyard
The Pitt Uptown
QuestsFree Labor
TerminalsUptown Floodlight Controls
Broken Terminal
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The Pitt underground is an area underneath The Pitt. It contains The Pitt's power plant.


It can be accessed from the steelyard, near a wrecked train in the north of the yard. The second exit leads to Haven's courtyard in Uptown. There are a bunch of trogs in the area, most appearing in groups of two or three.

After descending a long rubble-filled hallway, there is a busted-out wall which cuts through a short cave filled with skeletons and chunks of meat and gore, both of of which are a common sight in the underground. The hallway leads to a room filled with large pipes and a ramp leading up to a long hallways filled with trogs. This transitions into a covered catwalk leading into another industrial room populated by trogs. In the corner is a dead Pitt slave, trapped by frag mines under some nearby traffic cones.

Below in this room is a corridor leading to a generator room. Through another hallway is a room filled with a substantial amount of explosive gases. Up some stairs and around the room goes into a room lined with Protectron pods. In the following hallway is a dead slave rigged with mines and grenades with some trogs nearby. Up the stairs leads to the exit to Uptown.


  • There is a workbench next to the entrance from Uptown. It is the only one found in the Pitt.
  • Only the entry room in Uptown can be accessed until the quest Free Labor.
  • Both entrances into the tunnels are initially locked or closed. The manhole in the steelyard can be opened with the power plant key whereas the access doors in the floor between the Underground and the entry room in Uptown can only be opened if you assist Wernher in Free Labor.
  • If the player decides to side with Ashur against Wernher, the terminal that deactivates the floodlights and opens the access doors to the Uptown entry room is not present. If the player obtains the power plant key by killing Wernher or pickpocketing it from him after siding with Ashur, they can still explore the Pitt underground. The player can advance all the way through the tunnels to the access doors, but must then backtrack to exit into the steel yard, as no trigger is present to open the doors into Uptown.
  • Most areas in the underground contain an additional wave of trogs that is triggered as the player moves through that particular section of tunnels. The new trogs spawn as ambushes, sometimes in large numbers. Caution should be used when advancing through a given area, even if all the initially visible trogs there are dead and no red enemy markers are apparent on the sensor display.
  • Activating the broken terminal (inactive dummy terminal) adjacent to the first aid box in the corner of the upper level near the factory protectrons spawns a trog ambush. Immediately after exiting the terminal interface, two trogs appear and advance on the player, one from the north and another from the west, trapping the player between them.

Notable loot

  • Only minor loot, but The Pitt Underground is a good source of jet, beer, and bobby pins looted from trogs.
  • On one of the computers near the protectron cubbies is a factory employee ID.


The Pitt underground appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Sometimes the game freezes when you enter the manhole the first time from the Steelyard. If the same thing happens again and again, it can be fixed by entering from Uptown, and then going back to enter from the Steelyard.