The Official Nuka-World Recipe Book

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The Official Nuka-World Recipe Book
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The Official Nuka-World Recipe Book is a series of books in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


The Official Nuka-World Recipe Book featured fifteen brand new Nuka-Cola recipes that required the use of a Nuka-Mixer station to properly blend the sometimes volatile liquids.[1]


Each recipe found throughout the park allows one to craft a new variant of Nuka-Cola by using a Nuka-Mixer station to mix basic flavors into a new and exciting blend.


Beverage Location Location description Base ID
Nuka-Cide Cappy's Cafe On the kitchen counter, behind the bar. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage010NukaCide

FormID: xx04430c

Nuka-Punch Grandchester Mystery Mansion In the room with Zachariah Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage020NukaPunch

FormID: xx04430e

Nuka-Rush Welcome center In the reception area. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage030NukaRush

FormID: xx044310

Nuka-Xtreme Dry Rock Gulch Theater On top of the storage building, accessed through a ladder on the stands. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage040NukaXtreme

FormID: xx044312

Nuka-Love Evan's home Given by Evan Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage050NukaLove

FormID: xx044314

Nuka-Void Starlight Interstellar Theater On the counter of the bar Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage060NukaVoid

FormID: xx044316

Nuka-Cooler Galactic Zone Just north of the ground floor entrance of Vault-Tec: Among the Stars on a magazine display rack in a gift shop Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage070NukaCooler

FormID: xx044318

Nuka-Ray RobCo Battlezone On a shelf in the gift shop beneath the stands Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage080NukaRay

FormID: xx04431a

Nuka-Berry King Cola's Castle On a table in a backstage dressing room Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage090NukaBerry

FormID: xx04431c

Nuka-Power Nuka-World power plant Inside the employee break room. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage100NukaPower

FormID: xx04431e

Nuka-Frutti Hubologist camp Inside the diner, on the table to the left. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage110NukaFrutti

FormID: xx044323

Nuka-Bombdrop Mad Mulligan's Minecart Ride Outside, on the food cart at the western edge of the building. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage120NukaBombdrop

FormID: xx044320

Nuka-Sunrise Dry Rock Gulch Theater In the Expert-locked storage building to the side. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage130NukaSunrise

FormID: xx044324

Nuka-Lixir Fun House On the control terminal, in the control center at the end of the fun house. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage140NukaLixir

FormID: xx044326

Nuka-Hearty Safari Adventure Inside shed behind the Safari Amphitheater, in the western part of the park. Editor ID: DLC04Recipe_Stage150NukaHearty

FormID: xx044328



  1. Nuka-World loading screen hints: "The Official Nuka-World Recipe Book featured fifteen brand new Nuka-Cola recipes that required the use of a Nuka-Mixer Station to properly blend the sometimes volatile liquids."