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The Nuclear Option
The Nuclear Option.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Institute
Given ByArthur Maxson
Reward1500 XP
AchievementThe Nuclear Option
PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngSilver
Editor IDMQ302BoS
Base ID0010c64b
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leads to:
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The Nuclear Option is both a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


With Liberty Prime granting access into the Institute, the time to eliminate the organization as threat in the Commonwealth has finally come.


Brotherhood path

  1. Upon speaking with Elder Maxson, the Sole Survivor may commence their assault on the Institute and its scientists, in which they will need to eliminate as many scientists and synths as possible, as well as assassinating Father.
  2. Entering through the robotics facility, the Sole Survivor will encounter heavy resistance from turrets and the surviving synth army, and must be dealt with in order to proceed further into the Institute.
  3. Dropping down through a hatch in the robotics facility, the Sole Survivor will find themselves in the bioscience labs, where they must travel to the reactor entrance, where it is seen that the blast doors have already been activated.
  4. Arriving at and taking the elevator to Father's personal quarters, where Father himself will be encountered, and must be convinced, one way or another, to give up his security lockdown override password.
  5. The Sole Survivor must then travel to the Institute's advanced systems, where they will need to access the reactor chamber. Depending on whether an evacuation was called or not, a heavy synth presence may be encountered here, and must be dealt with in order to proceed.
  6. After activating the reactor housing, the BoS will be shown having acquired the Institute's teleportation technology, with Proctor Ingram teleporting the Sole Survivor to the Institute's relay control room. It is here where the Sole Survivor will need to speak with Elder Maxson, and decide the fate of the synthetic Shaun child.
  7. Through the relay control room, the Sole Survivor will teleport to the Mass Fusion rooftop, where Elder Maxson will conclude the quest line while explaining the future of the Commonwealth.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Talk to Elder Maxson
Reach Institute Reactor We've entered the Institute. I need to reach the reactor and place a Fusion Pulse Charge on it so we can destroy the entire facility remotely.
Use Terminal to Override Institute Lockdown The only way to reach the Institute's reactor is through a terminal in the Director's quarters.
Reach the Reactor The path to the Institute reactor is now unlocked; I need to pass through the Advanced Systems lab to reach it.
Plant Fusion Pulse Charge Inside Reactor We've arrived at the Institute reactor. Once the Fusion Pulse Charge has been planted, we can finally destroy the Institute once and for all.
Talk to Elder Maxson The charge is in place, we need to get out of the Institute and reach a safe distance before it can be detonated.
Talk to Proctor Ingram
Talk to Shaun
Step Into the Relay
Activate Detonator We've successfully made it out of the Institute. All that's left to do now is push the button that will destroy them completely.
Talk to Elder Maxson It's over. The Institute has been destroyed, and the Brotherhood of Steel is victorious.


  • Upon killing as many synths and scientists within the Institute as possible, the Institute's influence will only be seen in the saving of Shaun, and through surviving generation 1 synths still scavenging the Boston ruins.
  • Should Shaun be saved and brought along with the Sole Survivor out into the Commonwealth, he will provide secret quests in bringing him random supplies, which culminates in his gift to the Sole Survivor in the form of a Wazer Wifle.
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