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The Narrows
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Map MarkerSorrows Camp
QuestsDeliverer of Sorrows
Rite of Passage
Cell NameNVDLC02TheNarrows
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The Narrows up ahead, that's the Sorrows' territory. They're peaceful enough, but you don't want to make them mad.


The Narrows is a location in in the northern part of Zion Canyon and is the main camp for the Sorrows in 2281. It is where you will find Daniel and end the quest Deliverer of Sorrows and is also the location where you can start the quest Rite of Passage if you meet the requirements for the quest.


Randall Clark, then residing in the Stone Bones cave, ambushed and killed six adult males of the Vault 22 survivors. He abandoned the area on March 2, when they inadvertently stumbled upon his residence. During the stumbling, the forward man of the three man patrol was caught under a deadfall. The screaming woke Clark up with the patrols' panicked fire nearly hitting him. He then proceeded to crawl forward and killed them of all with his submachine gun.[1]

Decades later, the children who would later become known as the Sorrows came to inhabit the canyon and the many caves the dot the area. It has become their main stronghold, given that there is only one entrance and the whole area is encompassed by solid rock. The caves provide shelter for the tribe, but also serve as checkpoints within the camp, giving the Sorrows concrete objectives to take should the camp be invaded.



Its winding cliff sides and many dead ends can get very frustrating at times and the higher up you go the higher chance you have of falling to your death. The Sorrows are a very peaceful tribe and shouldn't attack unless provoked.


If you go through Half Mouse Cave and exit through the back, you will enter the higher part of The Narrows that contains a few beds, some minor loot (that must be stolen), and three surprisingly harmless geckos. These geckos will not harm you unless provoked. Then you can continue up a ramp and along a bunch of cliff sides all along the Narrows which is a good way to get around (just be careful not to fall off, chances of you surviving are very slim for some spots).


  • The three geckos will not harm you unless provoked. However, if you harm them, the tribesmen will aid you in combat.


The Narrows appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.