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The Molecular Level
The Molecular Level.gif
Quest data
LocationGlowing Sea
Rocky cave
C.I.T. ruins
Railroad HQ
Given ByVirgil
RewardXP 400
AchievementThe Molecular Level
PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
Editor IDMQ206
Base ID000b1752
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The Molecular Level is both a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4..


With a courser chip at hand, the Sole Survivor will need to find The Railroad and get their help with using the chip in order to successfully infiltrate the Institute.


  1. With the courser chip in hand, the Sole Survivor will need to travel back to Memory Den in an attempt to utilize the chip. As she does not have the proper equipment, she will refer the Sole Survivor to The Railroad, as an alternative method, in which they will need to follow the Freedom Trail in order to gain access to the Railroad HQ, should they have not done so already.
  2. After locating the Railroad HQ and speaking with the faction's leader, Desdemona, she will send the Sole Survivor to Tinker Tom in order to have the courser chip properly analyzed.
  3. Tinker Tom will need specialized plans in order to build a teleporter device, which leads the Sole Survivor traveling back to Virgil in order to obtain such plans.

Building the teleporter device

At this point, the Sole Survivor will have numerous options in regards to building the teleporter device necessary to infiltrate the Institute with, and this choice will greatly affect their actions further into the quest line.

Brotherhood of Steel:

  1. Should the Sole Survivor choose the Brotherhood of Steel, they will need to gain the trust and respect of Paladin Danse by progressing through his short quest line, which can be achieved by first helping his recon team repel an attacking horde of feral ghouls at the Cambridge police department.
  2. After becoming an initiate within the BoS ranks, permission from Danse will need to be obtained in order to use BoS resourced to build the signal interceptor with.
  3. With permission obtained, the Sole Survivor must then speak with the BoS scientists aboard the Prydwen, progressing through Elder Maxson's introductory quest, which will see to Proctor Ingram moving off-ship to the airport base.
  4. Meeting Ingram at the airport base, she will give the Sole Survivor access to a small portion of the base that can be used as a settlement of sorts, and she will help out with the supplies needed.


  1. After helping Preston Garvey and his group find a new home, whether at Sanctuary Hills or somewhere else, the Minutemen will become an option for aid in the building of a signal interceptor.
  2. Preston will request that the Sole Survivor help out with some of the local settlements, first, and afterwards, he will allow for the Sole Survivor to request help from the local engineer, Sturges.
  3. Sturges will then help out with the interceptor's construction, by handing over some basic supplies, and giving a few clues as to what to build and where.

The Railroad:

  1. Return to Old North Church after speaking with Virgil again, and hand the plans over to Desdemona. She will express her gratitude, and will request for the Sole Survivor to prove their worth and dedication towards the faction's causes, by helping Deacon reclaim their old headquarters at the Switchboard, which is currently overrun by a large group of synths.
  2. After returning to the Railroad HQ alive, and either lying to Desdemona with Deacon about what all happened on the mission, or telling the full truth, she will give the Sole Survivor permission to obtain help building the interceptor from Tinker Tom.

Misanthropic Moxie:

  1. So long as the Sole Survivor has access to a settlement's workbench, they may build the signal interceptor themselves at said settlements, without the aid of any major factions. This will require collecting more resources than normal demand, but is still easily possible.


Once the teleporter and signal interceptor have been built, and they have been connected properly to their power sources and command console, the teleporter can finally be utilized, either by the Sole Survivor or a faction scientist/engineer, which will send them straight into the heart of the Institute.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Have the Courier Chip Analyzed I have the Courier Chip, but I don't know how to decode it. The Railroad knows a lot about Synth technology. I should ask them for help.
Return to Virgil I have all the information I need from the Courser Chip. Now to go back to Virgil and Figure out the next step in breaking into the Institute.
Get Help to Build the Signal Interceptor The Signal Interceptor should get me inside the Institute, but I'll need help building it.
(Optional) Talk to the Brotherhood
(Optional) Talk to the Minutemen
(Optional) Talk to the Railroad
Talk to Proctor Ingram
Build the Reflector Platform
Talk to Proctor Ingram
Build the Console
Build the Relay Dish
Build the Beam Emitter
(Optional) Search hospitals for a Biometric Scanner
(Optional) Search telecom sites for a Sensor Module
(Optional) Search military sites for a Circuit Board
Power up the Signal Interceptor
Talk to Elder Maxson
Use the Signal Interceptor The Signal Interceptor worked. I'm inside the Institute. Now to find Shaun.


  • If you are stuck searching for The Freedom Trail, try speaking to the tour guide robot that can be found at Boston Common.
  • The teleporter does not have to be built utilizing help from any of the four major factions - so long as the Sole Survivor has access to a settlement's workbench, the teleporter can be built there, along with all other necessary components such as the signal interceptor.
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