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The Mill
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World map: The Pitt
Map MarkerNone (nearest: , local: )
Part ofThe Pitt
Other ExitsAbandoned area
The Hole
QuestsUnsafe Working Conditions
Cell NameDLC01SteelMill01
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TerminalsThe Mill terminals
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The Mill is the colloquialism for the steel mill centrally located in The Pitt.


The Mill is one of the most important buildings in The Pitt, being centrally located and serving as a hub between Downtown, Uptown, and the steelyard. The steel mill also contains The Hole and the ammo press which according to Ashur is how he has kept his "army" intact and with ammunition.[1]


The Mill is a hot and hazy industrial powerhouse with Pitt slaves "milling" all about, cutting scrap metal and loading that scrap into smelting furnaces. The area is lined with steel presses that shape the red-hot steel into sheets and shelf upon shelf of metal waiting to be melted down. In the center of The Mill is The Hole, a gladiatorial arena for slaves testing their mettle. Nearby is the ammo press and the entrance to the steelyard.

Around the corner is a managerial room that makes sure the rotary presses are functioning. This is where Marco spends his time. Further in, Hammer guards the entrance to Uptown and the overseer area of The Mill, where Pitt raiders watch the slaves from above.




Notable loot

  • An auto axe is received from Marco if you tell him Midea sent you.
  • See The Hole for loot obtained through fighting.


  • Near the gate to Uptown is an injured slave, curled up on the ground. If the player has at least 50 Medicine skill, examining the slave will give the player the option of either temporarily alleviating his injuries or killing him to end his suffering. Neither action affects Karma. If the player does nothing, a raider guard will berate the injured slave for laziness and execute him. If the player treats the slave, he will return to work, and the raider will be amused and remark that the slave will now be able to work for a few more weeks before dropping dead from his injuries.
  • Hammer is standing in front of a locked gate that requires a key, leading to Uptown. You can gain access to the other side without the key by climbing the stairs behind Hammer and jumping onto the beam with the light, then leaping across and over the fence. Note that you cannot enter Uptown; the door cannot be opened before Free Labor.
  • After the first arena match, an effect increasing Radiation Resistance by +5 will be active while in the Arena staging room.


The Mill appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.



  1. Ishmael Ashur: "As a full citizen of The Pitt, you'll have full access to the ammo press in the Mill. It's how I keep my soldiers well armed, so make good use of it."(Ishmael Ashur's dialogue)

Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, steel mills were never located in this part of Pittsburgh, but instead along the riverbank opposite the downtown area, such as the area along the river directly after the tunnel into The Pitt.