The Marowski Heist

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The Marowski Heist
Quest data
LocationDiamond City


Hotel Rexford
Given ByDarcy Pembroke
Editor IDMS13FindPhoto
Base ID000457c6
Related quests
Diamond City Blues
leads to:

The Marowksi Heist is a quest in Fallout 4.


If the Sole Survivor causes Paul Pembroke to expire in any way following the unpleasantry with the Diamond City Blues, Darcy Pembroke will lose her primary means of supporting herself. She will ask for help.


  • If Paul Pembroke winds up dead after Diamond City Blues for any reason (eg. killing him, using him as patsy with Malcolm Latimer or Colette Cooke, or other means), Darcy will approach the player 72 hours later with a photo showing the participants in the Marowski heist, which left the big-time gangster from Goodneighbor greatly impoverished. It will implicate Henry Cooke and Malcolm Latimer.
  • The player can sell the photo to Marowski and accept a hit on both Latimer and Cooke. Alternatively, the heist photo can be used to blackmail either of them, exchanging caps for silence.
  • The caps can be split with Darcy to support her or kept by the player.
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