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The Mariner
Fo4FH The Mariner.png
Biography and appearance
RoleShipwright, handyman, landowner[1]
LocationFar Harbor
Dialogue FileThe Mariner's dialogue
QuestsWalk in the Park
Hull Breach
The Great Hunt
Editor IDDLC03Mariner
Base IDxx005c91Ref IDxx005c92
ActorHaviland Stillwell

The Hull took a battering, to be sure. But without my walls, all of us would've been killed long ago. They call me the Mariner, shipwright, handyman, and the only one keeping the Harbor afloat. Well, besides Captain Avery.

The Mariner is the shipwright, handyman and landowner of Far Harbor in 2287.[1]


A long-time inhabitant of the Island, the Mariner is a native and is technically the sole owner of the last homestead on Mount Desert Island: Far Harbor. When the Island started pushing its inhabitants away, she allowed them to resettle on her land - but generations of fierce independence and functional anarchy also bred a specific kind of egoism: Since Far Harbor is her land, she's responsible for maintaining its defenses. Thankfully, she's a talented mechanic and her Hull has kept the demons of the Island away... Thus far.[2]

The Mariner's a social soul and feels responsible for the refugees gathered on her dock. She despises the bickering and feuding that seem to dominate in their relations, particularly Allen Lee's hate mongering. She's still driven to protect them and make the Hull the best post-War fortification in the region - not merely because of her ambition and desire to protect others, but because she knows that without her, there will be no one to maintain it - and since she has a terminal condition, the Mariner's working on a clock.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character starts quests.

Hull Breach
The Great Hunt

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This character is involved in quests.

Walk in the Park



Icon armored vault suit.png
Fisherman's outfit
Wool fisherman's cap
Assault carbine icon.png
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Carried items
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The Mariner appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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    (The Mariner's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "Why doesn't anyone help you?"
    The Mariner: "Each Harborman is the captain of his own ship. Worked fine for generations on the homesteads. Your land, your rules. But when the island pushed them onto my dock, one-by-one, the ungrateful bastards expect me to look after "my land." Even though they're squatting on it, like wretches."
    (The Mariner's dialogue)