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The King's School of Impersonation
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: , local: )
Part ofFreeside
QuestsG.I. Blues
Cell NameFreesideKingsHouse
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Oh, I know it says "school" out front, but everything in here seems to be related to the worship of some guy from back in the day.

The King, Fallout: New Vegas

The King's School of Impersonation is a still active location that was created to teach people how to impersonate the famous Elvis Presley. It is now the "World Headquarters" of the Kings, a gang active in Freeside. The King, king of all King impersonators, rules the roost around here. This is where you may find and recruit Rex after completing the quest G.I. Blues for The King.


There are three stories in the building, and many rooms.

The Kings' beds can be slept in and grant Well Rested. In one of the rooms, you can see cups and balls set up as if they were playing beer pong.

There is a locked door that can only be opened with "The King's Key". The key can only be stolen from The King, and the door just leads to a hallway you can get to anytime by going around.

Some of the chalkboards can be quite humorous, with messages such as "Step 1: Shake Hips, Step 2: Say 'Uh Huh'".

Notable loot

Related quests


  • Pacer will initially charge you 50 caps to speak to The King, unless you talk him into waiving it (speech 60), but The King will reimburse you if you ask him.
  • If you prove your worth by completing quests for The King, he will give you three choices, upon completion: 1000 caps; or entrance to The Strip, free of charge; or the option of joining the Kings gang, which then nets you a Kings gang outfit and the privilege of being able to change your hair style. Sergio, the King's barber, does this service for you free of charge.
  • If idolized by The Kings, every time you enter through a Freeside gate, one of the The King's gang members will run up to you out of nowhere to give you a gift from the King himself: usually a small token such as stimpaks, bottle caps, or consumables. However, during this encounter or shortly before, a fight will often erupt between the King's gang member and a Freeside thug (or two), and you may have to help kill the thug(s), or the King's gang member will die before this token of appreciation takes place.
  • Sometimes, if you have taken any of the Kings Outfits on the third floor, they will not stack properly when dropped. For example, dropping 32 Kings Outfits will not drop a single outfit labelled "Kings Outfit (32)," but instead they will all individually drop in the same spot, and then very quickly they will expand in an accordion-like fashion into the air.

Behind the scenes

  • There are various triggers in the Kings stage area that do nothing (e.g. VFSKingStageApproachTrigger). It's not clear what these were going to be for, probably some kind of automated system to have different Kings walk in and perform onstage.



The King's School of Impersonation appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • When playing as a female character random members of the Kings will occasionally say the usual "Ever heard of personal space guy?" but if subtitles are turned on they will read "Ever heard of personal space lady?", other times the gang members will say "lady".
  • When a player sits in a Dining Room Chair here and click the wait button they won't be able to. The Game then says in the corner "You can't wait in air".
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Activating the jukebox in the King's room will cause you to gain Freeside infamy, but strangely enough you won't be attacked if witnessed.