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The Institute
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Map MarkerInstitute
SectionsThe Institute
Institute Advanced Systems
Institute BioScience
Institute Robotics
Institute Reactor
Insitute SRB
Institute FEV Lab
Institute Sublevel 21-D
Institute Old Robotics
FactionsThe Institute
MerchantsInstitute requisitions vendor
Institute commissary vendor
Cell NameInstituteConcourse
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TerminalsThe Institute terminals

The Institute is a location in Fallout 4.[1]


This section covers the concourse area and overlooking "towers".

The subterranean habitat and laboratory complex that belongs to the Institute is nothing short of beautiful. It is controlled entirely by the Institute and patrolled constantly by Coursers and synths armed with the latest in weapons technology. The central chamber serves as the hub for all activity, with an infirmary, requisitions center, mess hall, and other facilities that provide Institute personnel with an unparalleled quality of life. The living quarters for all human citizens of the Institute overlook the concourse, occupying three separate levels.

Access to the four major sections of the Institute is available from each of the four cardinal points of the concourse. The Institute can be fast-traveled to if the player is on friendly terms with the faction.

Institute reactor
Institute Advanced Systems
Institute BioScience
FEV lab
Old Robotics
Only during The Nuclear Option
Insitute SRB
Institute Robotics
Institute sublevel 21-D




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The Institute appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.409-414: "[7.10] The Institute
    Hidden from surface dwellers and only accessible via teleportation, this is the utopian dream of Father and his scientist colleagues who populate the Institute.
    Institute BioScience
    BioScience cultivates and maintains existing gardens and the food supply through hydroponics. Research into genetically modified crops and nutrition also occurs. A small synth gorilla enclosure that emulates a jungle habitat exists here, as well as entrances to an abandoned FEV laboratory.
    Institute Advanced Systems
    Advanced Systems works on applied physics (plasma weaponry and teleportation), as well as special projects currently classified. Access to the reactor is at this location but is currently off-limits until you undertake certain quests.
    Institute Synth Retention Bureau
    Synth Retention (or SRB) supervises the coursers and their missions across the Commonwealth and repurposes any older Gen 1 and 2 synth models after interception on the surface.
    FEV Laboratory
    This is where Forced Evolutionary Viruses (FEV) were created and used on test subjects, forming the Super Mutants that roam the surface hellscape. This location doesn’t have quite the sheen of the main locations. Beware of Assaultrons. Look for the Experimental Serum in the incubation lab, as well as one of Virgil’s old Holotapes.
    Old Robotics
    This is where the earliest experimentations on synthetic life were carried out, and earlier generation synths still roam this area. The location is completely sealed off until Main Quest: The Nuclear Option is active. You may wish to access the terminal (unlocked) just before the lower level warehouse floor to activate an old Sentry Bot.
    Institute Reactor
    Originally a research project from the old Commonwealth Institute, the reactor was salvaged and improved upon, allowing the Institute to stop relying on siphoning power from above-ground sources almost entirely. This location is completely sealed off until Main Quest: The Nuclear Option or Institute Quest: Powering Up is active."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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