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The Hole
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Part ofThe Mill (The Pitt)
QuestsUnsafe Working Conditions
Cell NameDLC01SteelMill04
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The Hole is an area where competitive, arena style fights amongst slave combatants take place in the The Pitt's steel mill.


The Hole is central part of the culture of The Pitt. Slaves are given the opportunity to earn their freedom by fighting (and, of course, winning) in three fights down in the irradiated arena. Likewise, the Pitt raiders get to assert their freedom by being entertained by the ensuing bloodsport. If fights in The Hole are too dull or the slaves refuse to fight, the raiders tend to shoot into the cage to "liven things up".


The rules are simple: the challenger is allowed to bring any weapons and items they have for the fight, and may not leave before killing the opposing combatants or dying of radiation poisoning themselves. Faydra acts as a pseudo-organizer, letting combatants take whatever they want from a nearby locker. The items are very low-end: usually a low-caliber pistol and some common melee weapons.

At the end of each fight, Faydra will purge the winner of all of their radiation, but will not heal them. These are not honorable fights: the participants may loot bodies as they please. After completing all of the fights, the winner is freed from their slavery.


Round one

The Lone Wanderer faces two to three unnamed slaves armed with a variety of weapons. Generally, one slave will have a combat shotgun, which can be deadly to a character who has not got much in the way of armor. The other slave or slaves normally have Chinese assault rifles.

Round two

The Lone Wanderer must fight the Bear Brothers, Grudd and John. Grudd wields a flamer and wears raider iconoclast armor. John wields a deathclaw gauntlet and frag grenades and wears gamma shield armor. The Bear Brothers' armor is in exceptionally good condition (more than 90%), giving them significantly better than normal protection.

Round three

The final round has the Lone Wanderer fighting against Gruber, the champion of The Hole and a former slave himself. He wears gamma shield armor and a metal helmet, and carries an Infiltrator. He has a large amount of health; combined with his heavy armor, this allows him to take quite a lot of punishment before dying.

Like the Bear Brothers, Gruber's armor is in exceptionally good condition (more than 90%), giving him significantly better than normal protection. The armor-piercing deathclaw gauntlet recently acquired from the Bear Brothers can be extremely helpful against him for high Unarmed skilled players, especially if they have the Paralyzing Palm perk.


Accessed through a large pipe in the "basement" area of The Mill, The Hole is very irradiated from the barrels dropped into the arena. The arena itself is a small circular area with a wooden structure in the middle primarily used for cover. The Hole is covered in a chain link enclosure to assure nobody falls in or climbs out. Fighting can be hindered due to the irradiated barrels, but exposure in The Hole is minimal, it isn't too difficult.


  • Gruber had actually fought through The Hole before, but was so bloodthirsty he continued to fight.


The Hole appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png It is known that the gate to the arena closes while you are still outside the arena and will say "requires a key".