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The Great Hunt
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Quest data
LocationFar Harbor, Red Death Island
Given ByThe Mariner
RewardLegend of the Harbor
Editor IDDLC03FarHarborS03
Base IDxx02399f
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leads to:

The Great Hunt is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


With her time coming to a close, the Mariner wants to hunt a mythical beast: the Red Death.


  1. Talk to the Mariner and accept the quest.
  2. Sail out using the boat that brought you to Far Harbor and arrive at the Red Death Island.
  3. Talk to the Mariner to get your reward. Then vanquish the terrible monster.
  4. Return to Far Harbor.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Go to your boat I've agreed to hunt a mythical beast with the Mariner: the Red Death. I need to take my boat and travel with the Mariner to where she hopes to find it.
Look for the Red Death The Mariner and I are on the hunt for the mythical beast: the Red Death.
Talk with the Mariner The Mariner and I have found the Red Death, but it is a tiny non-threatening mirelurk.
Vanquish the Red Death
Sail back to Far Harbor The hunt for the Red Death is over. It's time to head back to Far Harbor.
Receive a hero's welcome
Talk with the Mariner
The hunt for the mythical Red Death is complete. The Mariner is understandably disappointed.
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