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The Forged
Fo4 Forged.png
A Forged raider in her natural environment
TypeRaider tribe
GovernanceTribal governance under a warchief
StructureRaider tribe
Notable MembersForged
Forged Leader
HeadquartersSaugus Ironworks

I'm Slag, and we are the Forged. And you, stranger - you're somebody with some guts. I like that.

The Forged are a raider faction within the Commonwealth, centered at Saugus Ironworks in 2287.


An infamous gang that has just recently established themselves within the Commonwealth, the Forged are a group of raiders obsessed with fire and metal, who have claimed the Saugus ironworks for themselves.[1] They are incredibly tough and feared, due to the brutal initiation rituals they undergo. Burns are a common feature distinguishing them from other raiders.[2] [3] [4] [5]

They usually wear cage armor and drifter outfits and carry a variety of pipe weapons into combat, supplemented by a large number of flamers and Molotov cocktails. The Forged are cruel and sadistic, showing no mercy to outsiders or even their fellow Forged. New recruits must pass several trials to prove their worth before becoming one of the Forged. No details about what these trials consist of can be found, only that they are extremely brutal, with failure ending in death. Once initiates pass these trials, they must change their name to a "tougher" nickname, typically one that invokes fire and machinery. One terminal lists a number of members who failed the Forged in the past with names such as "Hood," "Chamber" and "Rampart" (one former member, Yancey was killed for refusing to change their name). Their laws are simple, yet brutal, with mutilation and branding being the least severe punishment. For example, crying out in pain is punished with amputation of the wounded limb (problematic for those with head wounds) and exile, while allowing enemies to flee usually only results in branding and exile. A step above is sleeping during one's watch, which results in blinding (eyes are fed to mirelurks) and exile. Death as punishment starts at refusing to adopt a new name for the Forged (thrown into the furnace), crying out or cheating during the trials (furnace), stealing rations (molten iron poured down the offender's throat), or giving any form of support to the enemy (flaying alive). Particularly cruel are retributions for refusal to follow orders: The Forged execute the offender's family and exile them.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

The Forged are affiliated with at least one raider company as seen by the presence of Bedlam in the Dunwich Borers. The terminal in the area where she can be found contains her writings, commenting on the raiders' failed metal production for the Forged to their displeasure, and her regard for them as subordinates. This is likely a relationship in which the Forged are violently dominant.[17]

Interactions with the player character

  • The Forged are an unique gang encountered at Saugus Ironworks, during any of the related quests. They are led by Slag, who is confronted inside the furnace. They have no major interactions, other than being a list of targets to wipe out.


The Forged appears only in Fallout 4.


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    Abraham Finch: "Bunch a trumped up raiders. Obsessed with fire and metal. That bastard son of mine, Jake, snuck out in the middle of the night to join them. He grabbed my granddad's old sword. It's the closest thing I've got to an heirloom. I don't guess you'd be crazy enough to try and get it back for me? I've got caps, if that's what you want."
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The Forged