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Fog condensers repelling the Fog near the Hull of Far Harbor

The Fog is a radioactive mass of cloud material that plagues Mount Desert Island and the surrounding islands. Known to drive people mad (as in the case of the barbarous Trappers that can be found on the island),[1] it also brings with it many dangerous creatures such as Gulpers and Anglers. The Fog has been around as long as the townspeople can remember,[2] but it can wax and wane from time to time[2] (when Old Longfellow was young it covered the entirety of the island),[1] and has been growing stronger in the years leading up to 2287; a phenomenon attributed to the Children of Atom by the people of Far Harbor.[3] Fog condensers were an invention by DiMA given to the residents of Far Harbor in an effort to protect them from the harmful effects of the Fog,[4][5] but the Children of Atom embrace it and see it as a means of their deity Atom taking over the island.[6]

When broken down condensed fog consists of oil and steel.

Deep Fog

The Deep Fog is a more dangerous portion of the Fog, composed of hard fallout, and it is where Fog Crawlers are known to stay.[1][7]


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    "You're not half bad in a scrap. Figured I'd have to take care of the lot of them. Might just make a proper Far Harborman/Harborwoman out of you. *Chuckle*"
    "See. The Fog can do a number on you. Gets you all turned around. Does somethin' to your brain. Trappers were mean to begin with, but now..."
    "Here's the mountain trail. We stick to this and we'll make it to Acadia. Game trails crisscross the road, so don't be surprised if we got local wildlife to deal with."
    "You like them puppies? We grow everything extra mean on the island. Still got a ways to go."
    "Hear that? Crawler. They usually stick to the Deep Fog. Best we steer clear. But you never know."
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    "Gulper's got a fondness for fresh water. A small Gulper, like the ones in these parts, is a fair challenge. Now the big ones, they can grow two... three times the size of a man. Good thing you don't see too many of them around."
    Child of Atom: "Hold there. Stringing one more soul to their damnation, old man?"
    Old Longfellow: "Well, what have we here? Another rad-worshippin' lunatic, that's what."
    Child of Atom: "Your barbs do not harm me. I am shielded by my faith."
    Old Longfellow: "How 'bout bullets? Faith shield ya against those, too?"
    The Sole Survivor: "Who's she?"
    Old Longfellow: "One of them Children of Atom preachers. Started off as pests, now they're more like a menace."
    Child of Atom: "Do not sully this one with your blasphemy, old man. You. I suggest you go no further. Acadia is a nest of snakes. Beasts that subvert the will of Atom."
    The Sole Survivor: "What's Acadia done to make you distrust them?"
    Child of Atom: "They supply Far Harbor with the means to turn back Atom's holy Fog. You would do well to avoid such creatures and instead seek the only true master of this land."
    The Sole Survivor: "All right. I'm listening. Tell me about Atom."
    Child of Atom: "Tell you? Look around. You stride through His kingdom. A land blanketed beneath sacred Fog. A land Atom has claimed for His Children. And you may join our family, if He deems you worthy."
    The Sole Survivor: "Worthy? What do I have to do to join?"
    Child of Atom: "There is a ritual His Children must perform. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with entrance into our family."
    The Sole Survivor: "On second thought, I'm good."
    Child of Atom: "So be it. But I would be mindful where you step. After all, you are in Atom's kingdom now."
    Old Longfellow: "If you're done wastin' time with the fanatic, let's move on."
    "Up ahead, the air's clean. No Fog. Acadia's not too far now."
    Old Longfellow: "And we've arrived. Acadia's already been watchin' us for a good spell. If you want to talk with them just go inside. They'll be waitin' for you. You need my help again, you come see me. Got a cabin just outside of Far Harbor. Good place to tool up your gear, get some rest, or get stinkin' drunk. Just make sure if you're bringin' a bottle of somethin' strong, there's enough to share."
    (Child of Atom's and Old Longfellow's dialogue)
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    Avery: "The Fog's been here forever. The Children didn't make it.|Old argument - flare of irritation, raised volume / Irritated}}"
    Allen Lee: "Before the rad eaters came, the Fog was under control. They come and it all goes wrong. It's time we do something!"
    Avery: "No need to burden the stranger with all this... nonsense."
    (Avery's and Allen Lee's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "Can you tell me about Acadia?"
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    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  5. The Sole Survivor: "What's a Fog Condenser?"
    Old Longfellow: "The Condensers are a tricky bit of science. They keep the Fog away. Powered by the Wind Farm the synth fellas got up and running. Us islanders don't particularly like being obligated to them, but there you have it."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  6. Far Harbor loading screen hints: "The Children of Atom believe the radioactive fog is a gift from Atom, and it will cleanse and purify the island."
  7. The Sole Survivor: "What's "The Fog"?"
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    (Avery's dialogue)
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