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The Dig
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Part ofGoodneighbor
Bobbi's place
QuestsThe Big Dig

The Dig is a location in Goodneighbor in the Commonwealth.


Accessed through the basement of Bobbi's place, the Dig is a tunnel system going from Goodneighbor to the NH&M freight depot. Loads of sediment impede progress through the tunnels, and requires Mel's specialized robot Sonya.


The tunnels are largely linear sewer systems at first, containing several mirelurk clutches. The tunnels break into a metro system infested with feral ghouls. Across the railway is a path into a maintenance room that leads into a sewage drainage area filled with radioactive barrels. This leads into a room containing a chemistry station, and a crumbled concrete room behind a security. A tunnel leads out into another concrete room, with a door leading out to Hancock's strongroom at the NH&M freight depot.

There is an alternative path that leads further down the metro tunnel into a section filled with moderate radiation, but is a shortcut of tunnels leading to the room containing the chemistry station, detailed above.

Notable loot

  • A fusion core is found in the generator the glowing green room directly after the first room of the dig.
  • Another fusion core is in the generator in the southwestern part of the sewage drainage room past the metro tunnels.
  • Random power armor. See article for details.


The Dig appears only in Fallout 4.