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The Courier's Mile
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Map MarkerThe Courier's Mile
FactionsMarked men
Cell NameNVDLC04GroundZero
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The Courier's Mile
TaskDared to venture to the Courier's Mile
Reward100 XP
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My name for it. If you have a better one, you grant it - my choice in names won't carry past you and I. Lies along the road, running from the Hopeville silo... straight on to where the ground burns, and wind howls even stronger than here.


The Courier's Mile is a location in the Divide in 2281.


Originally just another derelict district of Hopeville, the Courier’s Mile became a large Marked Men camp after the events of the Divide. After the Courier launched a warhead from the Ashton missile silo, it impacted and detonated here. The name of "The Courier's Mile" was given by Ulysses after meeting the Courier outside the canyon wreckage. Being ground zero of a nuclear detonation, the crater is bathed in a sickly green glow and is heavily irradiated, capping out at 26 rads per second in the crater’s center. The marked men and deathclaws that inhabited the area have become irradiated from the nuclear blast and are much more dangerous because of it.


The entrance to the Courier's Mile is in the southwest corner of the Hopeville region. The small street opens up into a roughly one-mile circumference bowl of ruined cityscape that the Courier once called home. Going right from the entrance forces you into a blown out barber shop with a footlocker and some ammo boxes inside. Trekking further is half of an office complex with a Ralphie poster pasted to a wall. The road then joins with the central street.

This central street tends to be dangerous because of the half dozen irradiated deathclaws nearby doubled with the intense radiation in the middle of the basin. For added effect, there are two ash piles in the road, (presumably people vaporized by the blast). To the right of the end of the central street is another half of a building with an unlucky person's shadow burned into a wall. This building holds a very large stash of items, including rare, top-tier weapons, extraordinary amounts of ammunition and even some weapon modifications.

If going left, you fall into the ruins of a half buried building. Up a hill of rubble leads you to an encampment of about seven to eight irradiated marked men. A marked men scout can be found on the second floor of a building, not far north of the encampment, guarding a stash of ammunition, food and medical supplies. From here, the path peels out to the right, coming to the extremely large stash mentioned above.

Notable loot

  • There is a Stealth Boy on top of a destroyed box, located to your right upon first entering the irradiated area.
  • Blood-Nap, a unique Bowie knife, can be found sticking out of a street lamp in front of the entrance.
  • In the large stash at the opposite end of the entrance (where a shadow is burned onto the wall), there are several high-end weapons, weapon mods, and a very large amount of ammunition in the crates and ammo boxes under the building.
  • The entire area has a high amount of ammunition boxes containing lots of different ammunition, often in the dozens or even hundreds of rounds.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quartz can be found on the ground in the rubble that form the barrier at the North-Central area of the map. It will be difficult to see until you climb up on the rubble and look down.


  • This area contains two warheads which are required for the Warhead Hunter achievement/trophy. One is located to the upper right of the rubble wall, very close to several irradiated deathclaws, the other is located on the lower left wall inside the camp of several irradiated marked men. Destroying these will significantly increase the levels of radiation throughout the mile.
  • There is a toilet on the second floor of a ruined building with water that is miraculously free of radiation.


The Courier's Mile appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.