The Changing Tide

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The Changing Tide
Fo4FH TCD quest.png
Quest data
LocationFar Harbor, The Last Plank
Given ByTeddy Wright
RewardRescue diver suit
Editor IDDLC03FarHarborM03
Base IDxx04e779
Related quests
Rite of Passage
leads to:
Hull Breach 3
Turn Back the Fog
The Great Hunt
The Hold Out

The Changing Tide is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Captain Avery wants to see the town of Far Harbor prosper, but to do that, either the inhabitants have to get over their egoism or... The Survivor can help.


  1. Simply complete three of the following quests: Hull Breach 3, Turn Back the Fog, The Great Hunt, or The Hold Out.
  2. Talk to Captain Avery for your reward.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
(Optional) Help the Mariner After completing the Captain's Dance, I've earned the town's respect. Far Harbor still faces many challenges and could use my help.
Help Mitch
Help Small Bertha
(Optional) Help the Mariner
Talk to Captain Avery
Captain Avery was deeply grateful for all of my help to her people. She rewarded me for it.
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