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The Beast of Beckley
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QuestsUnsolved: Death and Taxidermy

The Beast of Beckley is a holotape in Fallout 76.




Raymond, I'll mail you a list of things I need tomorrow. But I wanted to tell you what I found, first hand. This is big.
This is the real deal. I found a dead bear, shredded by beasts. I met a woman in Beckley who said there is a pale monster up here. The Beast, she said.
Listen, this thing... if it is half as weird as it sounds... could be a gold mine. Calvin would pay out the nose for it!
Raymond, this is a game changer. We could finally buy the shop outright... or we could get a new truck, or hire some help.
Please bring those supplies to my old fishing camp near the pond north of Beckley. This is where I caught that two-headed fish, remember?
There's probably a map to my old hunting camp in my old truck by the shop. Drive down here and come look for my camp. Park near my car on the road.
Oh and Raymond - I'm sorry I've been on the hunt for almost two weeks. I know it's taken longer than usual... I think it'll be worth it this time!

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