The Angry Anaconda

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The Angry Anaconda
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Map MarkerThe Angry Anaconda
Part ofSafari Adventure
QuestsSafari Adventure
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The Angry Anaconda is a location just north of the Safari Adventure park in Nuka-World.


This unfinished roller coaster was going to be the newest attraction for the Safari Adventure park. However, the superstructure was determined to be dangerously unstable and made off limits to everyone besides security personnel.[1] This isolation made it the perfect location for the members of Animal Friends and Defenders (A.F.A.D.) to take Dr. Hein and hold him hostage.[2]

Ultimately, the Anaconda's construction was postponed indefinitely by the Great War.[3] Remarkably, the Anaconda has weathered the environment surprisingly well for two centuries of decay and rust.


This is a simple area, bounded by the coaster track. The locale is home more than a few gatorclaws. Dr. Hein's body is in the trailer in the center, locked Expert.

Notable loot


The Angry Anaconda appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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