Test Log 9-23-77-A10

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Test Log 9-23-77-A10
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Test Log 9-23-77-A10 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Natalie Ingesson: Test log 9-23-77-A10. Animal subject shows no marked increase or decrease in muscle mass. However, those in the flora lab have said that this test run showed an increase in growth by as much as 25%. We felt certain that, due to the component make up fo the solvent, it would have a marked effect on fauna as well... ...but even the inclusion of a matching protein sequence into the solution the resultant distillate fails to show an increase in size or growth rate. Whoa! Okay down... Hey, down! Jessie can you grab it? Aaah! Ugh. What was that about? Thanks. Ancillary observation: The test subject seems to be strongly drawn to the solution. This bears further testing. Is it the similar protein sequence?


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