Test Log 3-12-78-A14

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Test Log 3-12-78-A14
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Test Log 3-12-78-A14 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Arktos Pharma: Fifth floor, Animal Laboratory, on a table near the collapsed roof.



Natalie Ingesson: Test Log 3-12-78-A14 Eyes appear glassy. Subject seems to be experiencing decreased blood pressure and heart rate. While this new solution appears to trigger a vasovagal response in subjects with a complimentary DNA structure, no other reversal. It's no good. I don't know how much of the mutations we've seen are from radiation and what is from the compound we'd been working on. I don't understand how Samson got clearance for aerosolize testing before we even completed lab trials. Did we cause this... skin disease... or is it just a mutation. And what of those whose minds have degraded? Oh great. The breakers just went out. This winter is taking a toll on the lab. Guess I better get to fixing it before the plants freeze.

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