Tenpenny's suit

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Tenpenny's suit
Tenpennys suit.png
Icon Tenpennys suit.png
DR2Item HP100
EffectsCH +1, Small Guns +2
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Tenpenny's suit is a piece of unique clothing found in Fallout 3, worn by Allistair Tenpenny of Tenpenny Tower.


It provides a damage resistance of 2 as well as bonuses of 1 to Charisma and 2 to Small Guns. Only merchants can repair it, there is no other clothing which it can be repaired with.


  • If you sided with Tenpenny during the Tenpenny Tower quest there is still a way to obtain his suit nonviolently. Wait until he has started sleeping, then use a Stealth Boy to reverse pickpocket a grimy pre-War businesswear into his inventory. Leave the building and return to find him wearing it, then pickpocket Tenpenny's suit from him. This only works if the suit given to him is in condition and has a better armor rating than his own.
  • If you have done the quest Tenpenny Tower and helped the ghouls to get into the Tower, Tenpenny will be dead after a certain amount of time.


  • If Tenpenny is killed as part of the Tenpenny Tower quest, he will be stripped of his clothing, making the suit unobtainable.