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Video gallery/doc

This page contains usage information for Template:Video gallery.

Template for displaying an image-gallery-like grouping of (up to 15) embedded videos from popular video sharing services.


{{Video gallery


Sometimes required or at least one required Icon semi-required.png
<unnamed 1> up to <unnamed 15> or id1 up to id15

ID of the video to include.

Optional Icon optional.png
(default: "youtube")

Name of default video sharing service the gallery's videos originate from (list of supported services), i.e. the site you're embedding the videos from. Can be overridden for individual videos with the corresponding service# parameter.

Optional Icon optional.png
(default: "service")
service1 up to service15

Specifies service (or the default) for a particular video. Overrides service.

Optional Icon optional.png
t1 up to t15

Description of the corresponding video.

Optional Icon optional.png
(default: "300")

Width of each embedded video's viewing area in pixels.


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