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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Marks an article as containing facts which need verification and adds it to (game-specific subcategories of) Category:Verification needed. If used with a timestamp, it alerts users of overdue verifications (14 days after insertion) by changing displayed text and adding Category:Verification overdue to the page.


Simply insert the following behind the fact that needs to be checked:

{{Verify|game abbreviation(s)|~~~~~}}


Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png
<unnamed 1>

Which game(s) an editor needs to own or be knowledgeable about in order to resolve the issue. Use abbreviation(s); for accepted inputs please see {{abb}}. Up to 10 abbreviations can be specified if separated by comma (,).

If <unnamed 1> does not contain valid abbreviations, it is used as a timestamp instead of <unnamed 2>.

RequiredIcon required.png
<unnamed 2>

Time this template was inserted. Use 5 tildes (~~~~~).

OptionalIcon optional.png

Specifies options for certain functionalities of the template.

Available options:

  • nocat: No categories are added to the page.
Documentation transcluded from Template:Verify/doc.