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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for manipulating the table of contents (TOC) of an article: a maximum level for shown headlines can be specified, and the TOC can be aligned to the left/right of an article (with text flowing around it).


Simply place the following where you want the TOC to appear:



OptionalIcon optional.png
<unnamed 1> or float

Specifies alignment of the TOC; sets CSS "float" (and "clear") attribute for the box.

Available options:

  • left: TOC will be aligned to the left, and text will flow around it on the right.
  • right: TOC will be aligned to the right, and text will flow around it on the left.
  • hide: TOC will be hidden from the article entirely.
OptionalIcon optional.png

If specified, subheadings with a level lower than limit will not be shown in the TOC. For example, with limit set to 3, only headings up to level 3 (===) will be displayed. Usually used for articles with a lot of subheadings in order to downsize the TOC.


Documentation transcluded from Template:TOC/doc.