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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Infobox template for add-ons.

Based on {{Infobox}}.


Place the following at the top of the article, below any page management templates:

{{Infobox add-on
<!-- insert parameters -->


Specific parameters

RequiredIcon required.png

The developer of this add-on.

OptionalIcon optional.png

Which patch is required or recommended for this add-on, if any.

Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png
platform1 up to platform5

Platform(s) this add-on is available for (e.g. "PC", "PlayStation 3" or "Xbox 360"). Once you have specified a platform parameter, the platform#release and platform#available parameters for that platform become mandatory.

Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png
platform1release up to platform5release

Release date of the add-on for the corresponding platform.

Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png
platform1available up to platform5available

Availability of the add-on for the corresponding platform, i.e. where it can be bought and/or which compilations it is included in.

RequiredIcon required.png

The publisher of this add-on.

RequiredIcon required.png

File size of add-on (in MB).

General infobox parameters

OptionalIcon optional.png

Content of row below main infobox content.

Sometimes required or at least one requiredIcon semi-required.png

Abbreviation(s) for games of appearance. For accepted abbreviations please see {{abb}}. Multiple abbreviations can be specified if separated by commas (,).

OptionalIcon optional.png

File name of icon (without "File:"), i.e. the small image which is displayed in the top right corner of the main image area.

OptionalIcon optional.png
icon offset

Offset for icon in pixels, i.e. the icon is moved "upwards" by the specified amount of pixels. Setting this to "@outside" results in the icon being placed completely outside (above) the image area.

OptionalIcon optional.png
image up to image5

File name of image(s) (without "File:") to be displayed below main header and above main infobox content.

OptionalIcon optional.png
image desc

Description for image, displayed below the image.

OptionalIcon optional.png
(default: "260x260px")
image size up to image5 size

Width of corresponding image in pixels (e.g. "260px").

OptionalIcon optional.png
(default: "{{Pagename nd}}")

Main title/"headline" of the infobox. By default, the name of the current page without any disambiguation suffixes (i.e. terms in brackets at the end) is used.

OptionalIcon optional.png

Text in small font below the main infobox title.


Broken Steel
Broken Steel banner.png
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
PublisherBethesda Softworks
Size620.06 MB
Release date
PCMay 5, 2009 (re-released May 7)
Xbox 360May 5, 2009
PlayStation 3September 24, 2009
PCGames for Windows Live
Fallout 3 Game Add-On Pack #2
Xbox 360Xbox Live
Fallout 3 Game Add-On Pack #2
PlayStation 3PlayStation Network
PatchPatch 1.5 (PC/Xbox 360)
Patch 1.6 (PlayStation 3)
{{Infobox add-on
|games              = FO3
|image              = Broken Steel banner.png
|developer          = [[Bethesda Game Studios]]
|publisher          = [[Bethesda Softworks]]
|size               = 620.06 MB
|patch              = [[Fallout 3 patch 1.5|Patch 1.5]] (PC/Xbox 360)<br>[[Fallout 3 patch 1.6|Patch 1.6]] (PlayStation 3)
|platform1          = PC
|platform1release   = May 5, 2009 (re-released May 7)
|platform1available = [ Games for Windows Live]<br>''Fallout 3'' Game Add-On Pack #2
|platform2          = Xbox 360
|platform2release   = May 5, 2009
|platform2available = [ Xbox Live]<br>''Fallout 3'' Game Add-On Pack #2
|platform3          = PlayStation 3
|platform3release   = September 24, 2009
|platform3available = [ PlayStation Network]


{{Infobox add-on
|games              = 
|image              = 
|developer          = 
|publisher          = 
|size               = 
|patch              = 
|platform1          = 
|platform1release   = 
|platform1available = 
|platform2          = 
|platform2release   = 
|platform2available = 
|platform3          = 
|platform3release   = 
|platform3available = 
|platform4          = 
|platform4release   = 
|platform4available = 
|platform5          = 
|platform5release   = 
|platform5available = 
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