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This page contains usage information for Template:Infobox/divider.

Auxiliary template for {{Infobox}} for inserting horizontal or vertical dividers into a cell.


|type        =topbottom
|top         =Top area
|bottom      =Bottom area


OptionalIcon optional.png
cond bottom, cond left, cond right, cond top

Condition for corresponding content area. Which cond fields apply depends on the specified type (see type below).

If a cond is defined and empty, the content area is not shown. If a cond is defined and not empty, the content area is shown. If a cond is undefined, the row is shown if the corresponding content area is non-empty.

The divider itself is only shown if the conditions for both content areas are met. For type is "topbottom", there are additional dividers displayed if multiple instances of this template are adjacent to each other.

OptionalIcon optional.png
floated bottom, floated top

If type is set to "topbottom", these parameters can be used to insert a right-floated text in the corresponding content area.

OptionalIcon optional.png
bottom, left, right, top

The actual content of the areas to either side of the divider. If type is set to "topbottom", only top and bottom are displayed. Similarly, if type is set to "topbottom", only left and right are displayed.

RequiredIcon required.png

Determines type of divider as well as the content areas used.

Available choices:

  • leftright: Vertical division between left and right.
  • topbottom: Horizontal division between top and bottom.



Top area
Bottom area
|type           =topbottom
|floated top    =FT
|floated bottom =FB
|top            =Top area
|bottom         =Bottom area


Left areaRight area
|type           =leftright
|left           =Left area
|right          =Right area