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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for checking whether a string contains an abbrevation which can be converted by {{abb}} (for the specified mode). Returns "1" if that is the case and an empty string otherwise.




RequiredIcon required.png
<unnamed 1>

Potential game abbreviations which are passed to {{abb}} in order to see whether they return a valid result (text, icon name etc). Up to 10 abbreviations can be specified if separated by split by.

OptionalIcon optional.png

This is passed down directly to {{abb}} and can be used to check whether {{abb}} returns a valid result for a specific mode. Only valid input for that template's mode parameter will have any effect.

OptionalIcon optional.png
(default: ",")
split by

This is the character/string which is used as a delimiter for multiple abbrevations in <unnamed 1>, i.e. the character/string which separates the individual abbrevations.

Note that spaces at the beginning or end of the string need to be HTML encoded (& #032; without the space in between), and that using | is not recommended.




returns "1" because "FO3" is a valid input for {{abb}}.


returns "" (an empty string) because "ASDF" is not a valid input for {{abb}}.

{{abbvalid|FO3, ASDF}}

returns "1" because "FO3" is a valid input for {{abb}}.

{{abbvalid|ASDF, ASDF2}}

returns "" (an empty string) because neither "ASDF" nor "ASDF2" are not valid inputs for {{abb}}.

{{abbvalid|FO3, FNV}}

returns "1" because both "FO3" and "FNV" are valid inputs for {{abb}}.

Checking for specific modes


returns "1" because "NONE" is a valid input for {{abb}}.


returns "" (an empty string) because there is no icon associated with "NONE" in {{abb}}.

Documentation transcluded from Template:Abbvalid/doc.