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Tanker vagrants
Fo2 PMV ValdezDeck.png
Inside PMV Valdez
LeadershipA. Ron Meyers
Notable MembersBadger
HeadquartersPMV Valdez in San Francisco

The tanker vagrants are a faction in San Francisco in 2242.


These particular vagrants are a loose collective of people,[1] typically musicians, tech freaks, geeks, artists, and other types of people that have a hard time finding their place in society at large. Most of them came to San Francisco acting on knowledge passed down from their elders or even ancestors who lived in San Fran before the Great War displaced them. Because of this, the tanker vagrants are a testament to the continuation of the pre-War city's reputation as a place famous for artistic and personal freedom.[2]

The original tanker vagrants first occupied the PMV Valdez for a lack of a better option. Their stay was only intended to be temporary, until they had figured out how to move the tanker or find better options.[2] Under the leadership of Navarro deserter, A. Ron Meyers, they've almost figured out how to get the tanker moving, but never got around to testing the theory in practice. Their overriding idea is to find a place not affected by human greed and build a better society.[3]

After the destruction of the Enclave, the tanker vagrants drifted on. However, their drifting did not take them far, as they soon formed an uneasy trading relationship with the Shi, eventually making San Francisco into a major trading and fishing hub.[4]


Despite their rag-tag appearance, the tanker vagrants are seen to be a force to be reckoned with, as the typical tanker punk totes a H&K G11 with ammunition and gear to spare. Some are even equipped with M72 Gauss rifles, and there is even a unique XL70E3 in the hands of one of the female tanker vagrants.

Relations with the outside

The tanker vagrants are accepting of outsiders, provided they respect their customs, privacy, and help others whenever they can. The Chosen One needs to provide help in-order to gain the trust of Captain Meyers, who can guide them on the path to making the ship move again. Even thought the tanker vagrants are outsiders, the Shi are grateful they squatted in the tanker and sealed all the monsters inside the ship's lower decks.[5]

Other than that, the tanker vagrants keep mostly to themselves, though they have a small, but very lucrative business going on, selling rare weapons, goods, and hacking services to outsiders.


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