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For the Talon Company base near Sewer waystation, see Talon Company camp.
Talon Company recon camp
Talon Company Outpost.jpg
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Talon Company Outpost loc.jpg
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Arlington Library)
FactionsTalon Company
Cell NameFFTalonCompanyCamp01
ref id00000e16
TerminalsTurret Control System

The Talon Company recon camp[1] is an unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland.


Located south of Arlington Library, the outpost is occupied by 3-10 Talon Company mercs accompanied by a sentry bot, Mister Gutsy, robobrain, and outfitted with various heavy weapons and standard small arms. One of the mercenaries usually patrols by himself just south of the library. The outpost is constructed of broken down concrete supports built into a small dug out crater. With the many Talon Company mercs at the camp, they tend to rush out of the structure in an onslaught.

Notable loot


  • After the Enclave arrives in force into the region, approaching this camp may cause a Vertibird to do two bombing runs over the camp. It may be wise to wait until this may happen because the bombing run will clear the base of the potentially heavy mechanoid enemies in the camp. Approaching the sewer located to the west of the outpost will cause another bombing.
  • With the addition of Broken Steel, a water barrel can be found near the outpost between two bombed out buildings. When the player approaches the barrel, a group of three Talon Company mercs attack.


The Talon Company outpost appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.415: "9.W: Talon Company Recon Camp (lat 08/Long -20)
    South of Arlington Library, a reconnaissance unit from the Talon Mercenary Company is well armed and hunkered down. Beware of incoming robots, missiles, and a turret. After combat, check the ruined building where the camp is located. There are bunk beds, batteries, a wall terminal for deactivating the turret (Sneak here to shut it down), a Carton of Cigarettes, a Work Bench with a Bottlecap Mine, and undercounter safe, and the following:
    * Work Bunch            * Stealth Boy
    * Ammunition Box (7)    * First Aid Box (2)
    * Nikola Teska and You  * Counter Safe Items

    (Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Tour of the Capital Wasteland)