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Talon Company merc
Fo3 Talon Merc.png
Biography and appearance
AffiliationTalon Company
LocationCapital Wasteland
Dialogue File[[]]
SPECIALStrength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 6
Luck: 5
Strength: 7
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 6
Luck: 5
Strength: 6
Perception: 5
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 6
Luck: 5
Derived StatsRank 1:
Hit Points: 75 (normal)
Hit Points: 80 (melee)
DR: 11% → 12% → 13%
Rank 2:
Hit Points: 105 (normal)
Hit Points: 110 (melee)
DR: 13% → 14% → 15%
Rank 3:
Hit Points: 135 (normal)
Hit Points: 140 (melee)
DR: 15% → 16% → 17%
Rank 4 (Broken Steel):
Hit Points: 300
DR: 21%
Level8 (Rank 1)
11 (Rank 2)
14 (Rank 3)
17 (Rank 4)
Base ID000606cd 0007e948 0007e949 0007e94a 0007e94c 0007e94d 0007e94e 0007e950 0007e951 0007e952 00044446 00044447 00044449 0004bf63 0004447c 4447e 44480 7f4eb 7f4ef 7f4ed 4444eRef ID?
ActorCraig Sechler (male)
Shari Elliker (female)

I want this one's head on a fucking plate!

Talon Company mercs are members of the Talon Company, a faction of mercenaries in Fallout 3.


If you have good or very good karma, a 1000 cap bounty will be placed on your head, and Talon Company mercs holding a Private contract will periodically attempt to collect. Talon Company search parties operate in squads of different sizes dependent on your level.

Three Dog mentions that Talon Company mercs accept jobs that other mercenary companies won't do. Reilly of Reilly's Rangers notes her particular dislike of the Talon Company, recalling a job they did which involved the killing of defenseless women and children and commenting that they give all mercenaries a bad name. If the Lone Wanderer converses with her rudely, she will mention that the Lone Wanderer sounds like a Talon Company merc.

Fort Bannister seems to be their main base of operations, seeing that it is exclusively populated by Talon mercenaries and contains an even larger underground base crawling with more high level mercs. Bannister is also where you will find Talon's commander, Commander Jabsco.

There will be some fighting super mutants at The Capitol Building, but they will most likely lose and retreat.

There are several random encounters in which the Lone Wanderer can encounter a group of Talon Company mercs.

The Broken Steel add-on adds a 4th rank of Talon Company merc, with higher health and better armor, that appears at higher levels. Even at level 30, Rank 4 Talon Company mercs are a relatively uncommon encounter. They are typically found in random encounters, rather than in fixed locations such as Fort Bannister. They are quite tough opponents, with good armor and very high health on par with that of an non-player character companion.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Icon severed finger.png
This character drops a finger when killed (Lawbringer).
Mesmetron icon.png
This character can be enslaved with the Mesmetron.

Effects of player actions

Whenever the Lone Wanderer's karma is good or very good these mercs will appear in random encounters and attack the Lone Wanderer on sight.


Icon armored vault suit.png
Talon combat armor
Assault carbine icon.png
Chinese assault rifle or
Assault rifle or
Combat shotgun or
Laser rifle or
Missile launcher or
Combat knife or
.308 Sniper rifle or
Laser pistol or
Lead pipe or
Fat man
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Private contract
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


  • The Lone Wanderer can make Talon Company mercs friendly towards you, via the Mesmetron. If the Lone Wanderer shoots it at them, then equip a slave collar, the Lone Wanderer can then remove it then they will be friendly.
  • Rank 4 Talon Company mercs introduced by the add-on Broken Steel cannot be enslaved, but do not appear until the Lone Wanderer reaches much higher levels. If enslaved and then freed before spawning at Rank 4 they will remain friendly when the Lone Wanderer's level advancement transitions them to Rank 4.
  • The body of one of the few rare female Talon Company mercs can be found on a catwalk in the first level of the Chryslus building. Another female Talon Company merc's corpse can be found in the Corvega Factory. Four others can be found in Metro Central, usually with feral ghouls in the vicinity.
  • Talon Company merc patrols will appear as random encounters if the Lone Wanderer's Karma is good or very good. At the beginning of the game, these patrols are neutral towards the Lone Wanderer. However, as soon as the Lone Wanderer approaches them, they will force a dialogue box with the Lone Wanderer in which they proclaim the Lone Wanderer cannot "go around being a do-gooder", after which they turn hostile and attack. All subsequent Talon Company merc patrols will be hostile towards the Lone Wanderer as soon as they appear.
  • Unlike the random encounter patrols, Talon Company mercs in pre-scripted positions (i.e. inside the D.C. Ruins, at Fort Bannister, or outside Rockbreaker's Last Gas) are immediately hostile.

Notable quotes

  • "Talon Company!"
  • "This ain't what I signed up for!"
  • "Another notch for my gun."
  • "Aha! There you are..."
  • "Keep firin'!"
  • "You're dead!"
  • "Retreat! Fucking retreat!"


Talon Company mercs appear only in Fallout 3.


  • If you avoid triggering hostility with Talon Company, by evading (to avoid dialogue with) several of their neutral patrols (fighting with already hostile Talon Company mercs inside the D.C. area is OK), then a group of Talon Company mercs will eventually teleport to your location if you wait or fast travel outside certain locations, such as Metro stations or Rivet City. These Talon Company mercs will force dialogue with you, proclaiming that they have finally "caught you". However, they will not turn hostile and will remain marked as friendly on the HUD. They are also neutral towards wastelanders and Merchant Caravans, will even assist the player in combat against anything that attacks the player (including player-provoked wastelanders and Merchant Caravans). At this point, neutral Talon Company patrols will no longer turn hostile after speaking with the player.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Many Talons will spawn with two different skin colors, vitiligo, a disease that causes skin cells to lose pigment.