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I seem to have poisoned Veronica with this, when does the -str wear off?

White Horsenettle Ingredient Amount

The "Official Guide Book" [page 33] indicates that the ingredients are identical for the following three poisons -- Mother Darkness, Silver Sting, and Tremble. They all require 3 Bark Scorpoin Poison Glands, 1 Cazador Poison Gland, and 5 White Horsenettles.

The Wiki article lists that only 1 White Horsenettle is needed. If this is due to the Patch 1.2.31x, it would be helpful to indicate this on each of the three poison articles -- as well as on the White Horsenettle article. Otherwise, readers can be confused and uncertain as to how many White Horsenettles should be kept in storage in order to keep a good supply of each recipe item.