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Page originally mentioned that Randall Clark lived in Nephi with his family. However, unless my reading comprehension is failing me, Salt Lake City is where his family lived. He says:

Departed April 10th. Walk to SLC took 15 days. Would've been 7-9 back in the old days but had to circle pockets of radiation and foraged along way.
Don't know what I was thinking. Imagined I'd find my house, dig through rubble, find - something.
Your bones I hoped, and Little Nut's. Would've buried them. Here in Zion maybe.
SLC is mostly craters. Warped steel girders where highrises sat. Mounds of bricks.
Never found our house. Didn't even find street. What wasn't a crater was scorched clean.

The reason why he mentioned Nephi, is because to get to SLC from Zion, he would have had to have gone north through or near Nephi.

I have changed the page accordingly, and will add an entry into the SLC page about the Clark Family.Confused Vault Technician 23:25, 13 January 2012 (UTC)