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It should be merged with Blackfoot tribe.

Interesting info found at the forum location. I just don't want to filter through all of this. The developers said all this information (unedited) here.

Hangdog Village: More tribals, but these guys are all about dogs: pets, food, guards, etc. The Hangdogs are slavers and scavengers, and are often in league with Hecate. However, they're not all bad and they just might not try to enslave The Prisoner if he proves he's good enough to be one of them.

It was a Rottweiler which was exposed to "something" that made it a little bigger, a little tougher, and a little meaner than the average rotty-rot (I love Rottweilers, btw). You had to do a few things before the dog would befriend you, though. Also, we wanted to make a dog companion that would be a great fighting ally as well.

Apparently this NPC was referred to as the Devil Dog by the Hangdog people. IIRC, I think I heard that you could name him whatever if you got him.

Also, I think you could tame any old dog around that area (you needed a dog to effectively deal with the Hangdog people) and have him as an NPC. I can't be 100% sure on that tho.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what you would have to do to get him to join you (normal dogs was a check on some of your traits mainly), but I know that once you have him he does all sorts of interesting stuff for you (especially within the Hangdog tribe, as the better your dog, the better your status).

My original design for the Hangdogs did indeed have the quality of one's dog determining rank within the tribe. The leader of the tribe always had the best dog. To win the Hangdogs' respect, the player must undergo the Hangdog's ritual of manhood by traveling into the nearby foothills and either stealing a puppy from the feral pack's den, or taming an adult dog.

The Devil Dog also lives in those foothills, but the Hangdogs see him more as an evil spirit than an actual living dog. He's a loner, never hanging out with the other dogs (a very unnatural thing in Hangdog eyes), he survives fights with creatures that would kill all other dogs, and every Hangdog who has attempted to tame him has nothing but scars and missing body parts to show for his efforts. Showing up at the village with the Devil Dog at his side would have brought the player instant respect... and a great deal of fear. I believe "Walks With the Devil" was the proposed reputation title you could get with that tribe if you had the Devil Dog as a companion. Had you brought back a normal dog or a puppy, the Hangdogs would have greeted you as a brother. With the Devil Dog, you become more of a shaman, one they're very, very careful not to upset.

There were things that you could get from the Hangdogs for "owning" the Devil Dog. You could get training for your dog, or medical supplies, or use your increased influence to affect the outcome of certain quests, you could challenge the leader of the Hangdogs to a dogfight over leadership of the tribe (and the Devil Dog was just about the only dog that could beat his dog), and so on. Of course, the Devil Dog wasn't exactly healthy, and that made him unstable and dangerous....

According to a houndmaster NPC in the Caesar's Legion main base, the Hangdogs were conquered and now serve the Legion.