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Because this game has a lot of bugs and I'd like to know which ones were addressed. The Boone confrontation one is especially vexing me because I'm stuck in a freaking White Glove society outfit.

Me too. I have automatic updates off (in-case my saves get screwed up) and I am having a couple of quest script problems; but I don't want to update unless I know for sure the ones I am having issues with are fixed.

Could someone remove the "issues" for this? I've got a PS3 as well and never encountered either of those, with or without the patch, so it's probably a personal issue. Also, I know a few of the challenges are fixed, such as "Little Wheel"; in the unpatched game, you could get exp for it, but not finish it. RadRuler 16:09, November 5, 2010 (UTC)

Why havent they fix

Over 300+ well i be damm, if that were true why havent they fix the problem to compled the quest ¨I Put A Spell On You¨??