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This perk is in the same category as Infiltrator if you save before using the computer, you don't ever fail it. Also you can guess 3 times and if you don't have it you can quit out of the computer and try again. Final verdict: USELESS.-accountless avenger.

It is somewhate useful is you don't want to go through the trouble of saving/reloading, and if you have one guess left, the word almost compelte, and more then one possible answer remaining, since you can take the chance DragonJTS 13:19, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

Whether or not you might consider this perk useless depends on how much or how little value you place on your own time. If resorting to repeated start-over methods until you get it right is acceptable to you, then you don't need this perk. OTOH, if you're looking to reduce time spent on hacks, this perk does accomplish that. - Steve G.

This perk is as useful as a perk that turns Bent Tin Cans into regular Tin Cans. Loading time are fairly irrelevant because you can simply guess a few times and exit the terminal when you have 1 chance left replenish your allowance. This is essentially the exact same thing at the perk does, but better since the perk only gives 1 more attempt where exiting and restarting the hack can be done any number of times. The time saved with this perk is almost non-existent in Fallout 3. Unless this perks allows a person to skip the wait that happens when retrying a hack, it is just as useless in New Vegas. Ilovefuzzykittens 12:54, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

I don't care what anyone says, I find this useful. exiting out and re-doing it takes forever since you have to do that each time, and if your horrible at guessing like me, then all the worse, and it's not something you can skip forward through, you gotta read SECURITY RESET... BLAH BLAH BLAH HR817 or whatever each freaking time. This perk essentially halves the time it takes, maybe more when you consider 4 resets = 4 waiting through that baloney, vs 2 resets waiting through baloney once. 21:37, September 8, 2011 (UTC)

Perk's anything but useless. I always take it every time I play either FO3 or FNV. It has kept me from getting locked out of terminals because my mouse hit a colon when I was aiming for a bracket on one guess left, not to mention it lets me 'brute force' it first time...and by that I mean just click four random words and hope for the best. If it works I'm in, if it fails I still have a chance to hack it properly. Can't do that without this perk. Plus it makes a good filler perk for players that don't need VATS to hit anything. I'm in that boat myself, don't need to take VATS perks, so I often end up taking 'filler' perks when the ones I want aren't unlocked yet. TestECull