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What has eating blood sausages to do with cannibalism? Just because NPCs drop this item it doesn't mean it is made out of people, that section should be removed.

If you seriously think that it doesn't have anything to do with cannibalism, considering that a) they don't exist until after you get the perk, named "thems good eatin's", which is highly suggestive in and of itself, b) blood sausage, and thin red paste that's likely made from blood as well, and c) it's bloody freaking obvious to anyone with half a braincell. You're rendering parts of the things you kill into blood sausage and red paste.

Blood Sausage separate page

Are Black blood Sausage considered a different item to normal Blood Sausage? If so shouldn't we have a separate page for them?

Yes, they are different in some ways, especially HP and the need to be able to craft them at a campfire; they should have their own page, and in my own opinion, this page does little to explain the consumable itself. I would like to see more information by someone that has more insight into this consumable.