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Takoma Park
Fo3 Takoma Park.png
Icon district.png
Map Marker'Takoma Park
Takoma Industrial
Part ofWashington, D.C.
BuildingsNifty Thrifty's
metro exitsVernon East/Takoma Park
Other ExitsTakoma Industrial
Cell NameTakomaParkFactory (Takoma Ind.)
TakomaParkParkingLot (PL)
ref id00048470 (Takoma Ind.)
00048472 (parking lot)
Takoma Park map.jpg

Takoma Park is a small neighborhood in the Washington, D.C. ruins in 2277.


Takoma Park was founded by Benjamin Franklin Gilbert in 1883. It was one of the first planned Victorian commuter suburbs, centered on the B&O railroad station in Takoma, D.C., and bore aspects of a spa and trolley park. By 2077 it has seen extensive urbanization and represents a diverse mix of 19th and 20th century architecture and more contemporary building designs. It also includes a well developed Takoma Industrial district.


It can only be reached through the Abernathy station subway tunnels from the Vernon Square East station.

Built along Carrol Street, the metro opens up to Nifty Thrifty's pawnshop in front of it. The road continues up, swarmed with super mutants. Leading northeast past Nifty Thrifty and up the street towards point (D), there is a fork bearing off to the right past a Pulowski Preservation shelter, inside the shelter, there is an ammunition box. Past this a semi-trailer lies up a mound of rubble which blocks this road. In the trailer can be found 3 ammunition boxes and 2 stimpaks. The left fork continues on to the northeast, with a small super mutant encampment, consisting of a rebar enclosure with a tent. The road leads up to a house with Takoma Industrial further in.

Notable loot


  • Once you kill the super mutants and the Talon Company mercs at Takoma Industrial, walking back over to Takoma Park will result in additional Talon mercs spawning at the park.
  • An artillery strike can be triggered by a switch on top of a trailer next to the water tower. (C) that can be helpful fighting the Behemoth.
  • Isabella Proud's camp can be found behind Takoma Industrial (A). The only way to access this area is by entering the factory, going up the stairs that are capped by a wooden plank with a skeleton and barrel on it which leads to a door that exits to the roof. Go down the stairs to the path that run next to the irradiated canal, and cross the canal via the downed antenna tower. Once on the northern side of the canal, go north through the gap between the buildings north of the tent. You can also get to it by jumping over the eastern rock then crouching and following the outside of the first fence (the one with the one way plank) you get to. After reading Isabella's computer her alpha male research subject "Samuel" will attack from behind.
  • Near Isabella Proud's camp there is a alleyway where, if you jump over some concrete barriers, you can find a Chinese assault rifle, 2 ammunition boxes, a few beers, Pork n' Beans, and RadAway. A skeleton and a camp fire (not lit, made out of a tire) can also be found.
  • A small super mutant camp can be found directly behind Takoma Industrial (B).
  • If you have not discovered this location before The Waters of Life, when you first enter this area, and walk upwards towards the street, an Enclave Vertibird can be heard, and all the cars in the streets will eventually explode, causing the super mutants at the top to come walking towards you.


Takoma Park appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes


  • PCIcon pc.png You can climb the rubble to the left of Isabella Proud's camp facing the camp from the pool. From here you can go off the map.