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Takoma Industrial
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The Takoma Industrial complex
Takoma Industrial loc.jpg
Map MarkerTakoma Industrial
Part ofTakoma Park
Cell NameTakomaParkFactory (exterior)
zDCint05a (interior)
ref id00048470 (exterior)
0004dd8b (interior)

The Takoma Industrial is an abandoned factory in Takoma Park in downtown Washington, D.C., and once manufactured Abraxo cleaner.


In the years since the Great War, Takoma Industrial has become a stronghold for super mutants. It is, in fact, a miracle that there is any building here at all, considering that behind the factory (you have to go through the back door) there is a massive bomb crater right up against the side of the building. In this crater, you will find Isabella Proud, a scientist who was researching the behavior of feral ghouls, which is explained on her terminal.


The building can only be reached from the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro to Takoma Park, through a derelict house to the east, up the street you are facing when you exit the subway. This house is rather far up the street, past the market. The house is on your left as you come toward the end of the street.

The complex

Upon arrival a battle will be occurring between a squad of Talon Company mercs and some super mutants right outside the facility entrance. If you fast travel back to this location, two additional mercs, another super mutant, and a Mister Gutsy robot will be spawned.

Be sure to investigate all of the exits, as two of them lead to locations that are otherwise inaccessible. The elevated door in the north wall leads to the factory's "backyard", which has a tent with beds and several lootable boxes; the elevated door in the east wall of the southern section of the factory leads to a balcony with a sniper rifle and several .308 rounds.

To the southwest outside of the compound, through a closed gate, there is a super mutant behemoth with three other super mutants outside an auto shop. Just after opening the gate, there is a set of planks leading up onto to roof of a truck, where the body of a dead mercenary lies. On his corpse you will find the Takoma Park artillery note explaining Talon Company is operating in the area. The artillery switch next to the merc's corpse can aid dramatically in taking down the behemoth. After 5-6 launches, the switch will break and you will be prompted to attempt to fix the switch. A 33 or higher Repair skill will enable you to repair the switch, after which it will not break again (allowing essentially unlimited bombardment of the behemoth).

Notable loot


  • Talon Company may have had a base in Takoma once. You will find a note next to a dead mercenary near an electrical switch saying the merc was hired to help the Talons raid Takoma and take back their old headquarters. Pressing the switch will call in an artillery strike similar to the one in Seward Square.
  • From this location you can leave the Capital Wasteland confines, and see great plains outside. You can return to the normal boundaries of the map by running all the way around to the metro entrance, jumping on some of the large garbage piles behind the boarded up bank, going up to the roof of the bank, and jumping down to the street.
  • Northeast of the Factory is Isabella Proud's camp.


Takoma Industrial appears only in Fallout 3.


  • PCIcon pc.png There is a mapping error within the Takoma Industrial complex, specifically, an invisible platform. The invisible platform is located near a specific generator, refid c9bd2.