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Tactical Thinking
Tactical Thinking.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Prydwen
Old North Church
Railroad HQ
Given ByLancer-captain Kells
Editor IDBoS302B
Base ID00107a1c
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leads to:
Spoils of War

Tactical Thinking is a quest that can be obtained within the Commonwealth, Fallout 4.


With the Brotherhood of Steel merely steps away from finally taking the war to the Institute's doorstep, an obstacle remains in the way, as seen with The Railroad, in which their ideologies to save the synths is in stark contrast to the Brotherhood's ultimate mission, and as such, must be destroyed.


  1. Lancer-Captain Kells will request for the Sole Survivor's presence, in which he will reveal that the Brotherhood of Steel have decided to eliminate The Railroad, as their fanatical ideologies are considered detrimental to the Brotherhood's cause and mission. The Sole Survivor will then need to travel to Railroad HQ.
  2. Merely accepting the mission turns the Railroad permanently hostile.
  3. Upon arrival, the player has to fight their way in, first killing Doc Carrington in the church above. Then they have to make their way through Railroad heavies down to the headquarters, open the way into the secret tunnel with an explosive charge (simply activated), and then enter the HQ.
  4. Inside, Glory, Tinker Tom, Desdemona, and Deacon have to be killed in order to complete the assignment.
  5. P.A.M. can be reprogrammed instead of destroying it. Use the terminal and load the holotape received from Quinlan. In doing so, she will be teleported back to the Prydwen for BoS appropriation.
  6. Report back to Kells for debriefing.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Speak to Lancer-Captain Kells I've been informed that Lancer-Captain Kells wishes to speak with me on the Command Deck of the Prydwen.
Enter Old North Church Lancer-Captain Kells has ordered me to infiltrate Old North Church and completely destroy a group of guerrilla fighters who call themselves the Railroad.
Kill Doctor Carrington
Breach the door to the lower levels In order to find the remainder of my Railroad targets, I need to breach the door to the lower level of the Old North Church.
Kill Glory
Kill Tinker Tom
Kill Deacon
Kill Desdemona
Reprogram P.A.M. or Destroy P.A.M.
Report to Lancer-Captain Kells
My mission was a success, the Railroad has been completely destroyed.


Naturally, should Deacon be executed, he will not longer be a permanent companion.

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