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Yellow Belly syringe

Syringes are a platform of craftable ammunition in Fallout 4.


Akin to a tranquilizer dart, syringes are a ballistic projectile designed to inject medication (or poison) into a subject from long distances. Each is designed to be fired only by the Syringer, a form of homemade air-rifle. While technically ammunition, Syringes are classified as 'Aid' and are not weightless, though weighing very little.


Image Name Effect Value Duration (Sec) Recipe Requirements Base ID
Berserk syringe Chance to frenzy target for 2 minutes. 50 120 Anti freeze bottle x1, bourbon x1, dirty water x1, steel x1 00058ae9
Bleed out syringe Does 30 points of damage over 10 seconds to a target. 17 10 Fiberglass x1, oil x1, steel x1 00058aeb
Bloatfly larva syringe Chance on death for target to spawn a Bloatfly. 10 - Bloatfly gland x1, glass x1, Psycho x1 000375bb
Endangerol syringe Reduces target's damage resistance by 25% for 2 minutes. 60 120 Acid x1, glass x1, Med-X x1, pencil x1 00058af2
Lock Joint syringe Chance to paralyze target for 10 seconds. 40 10 Dirty water x1, lead x1, steel x1, stingwing barb x1, tarberry x2 00058af4
Mind Cloud syringe Target believes you have vanished and has a reduced chance to detect you for 30 seconds. 73 30 Abraxo cleaner x1, asbestos x2, glass x1, purified water x1 00058af5
Pax syringe Chance to make the target non-violent for 30 seconds. 39 30 Mutfruit x2, Nuka Cola x1, steel x1 00058af7
Radscorpion venom syringe Does 40 points of damage over 10 seconds to target. 65 30 Glass x1, radscorpion stinger x1, steel x1 00058b0c
Yellow Belly syringe Chance on hit to cause target to flee for 30 seconds. 55 30 Anti freeze bottle x1, fertilizer x1, glass x1, steel x2 00058b0e


All variants can be crafted at a Chemistry station.